A hundred Reasons why New Jersey Is Worst Site visitors State

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Automobile Safety an element nobody in the state would admit they take pleasure in.

Pet Peeves 21-30
The Port Authority Police | Supply NJ Visitors Pet Peeves #21-30

  • 21. Quick texters and speedy cellphone onlookers
  • 22. Drivers who seem to follow you too lengthy
  • 23. Undercover police vehicles
  • 24. Sudden police siren behind you
  • 25. Getting pulled over for no purpose
  • 26. Getting pulled over for being barely over the restrict
  • 27. Cops that provide you with a ticket for nothing
  • 28. The busted taillight drivers
  • 29. Brake comfortable street warriors
  • 30. No brake lights motorists
    “Bleep” the Police
    Ah these dreaded cops!

For some they are saviors, but for a lot of they’re the satan. At the least that is what it looks like when one pulls you over.

The cops in NJ get paid properly, so possibly they’re trying to make the most of their careers, but drivers in all probability want they might journey off a cliff. I will admit that the police get a foul rap as a result of most are doing their job, nevertheless; many take advantage of their position.

Motorists get irritated when cops pull them over for minor traffic violations akin to going 5-10 miles over the velocity restrict or when they scare them to demise by following. Even worse is when people get pulled over just because the cops want to fill their month-to-month quota.

So sure the connection between NJ drivers and cops is not excellent, but I think most residents would rather have them around. And if you’ve got ever been to New Jersey, then you definately definitely want lots of cops round.

Pet Peeves 31-50
NJ Site visitors Pet Peeves #31-50

  • 31. Truck drivers that encompass you or follow too intently
  • 32. Truck drivers blended with cars on main highways
  • 33. Traffic indicators that make no sense
  • 34. Police cars that think they’re above the legislation
  • 35. Unimaginable urban visitors
  • 36. Seemingly endless highway building
  • 37. Unexpected highway or exit closures
  • 38. The evil and by no means fixed potholes
  • 39. Broken and unpaved roadways
  • 40. Cracked roadways that never get repaired
  • 41. Speed demons in urban settings
  • forty two. Regulation breakers
  • 43. Drivers performing unlawful Ok and U turns
  • forty four. Visitors cones which are shut collectively
  • 45. Drivers performing illegal left and right turns
  • 46. Detour routes resulting in nowhere
  • 47. Fuel station traffic jam
  • 48. Minor accidents inflicting hours of traffic
  • 49. Month-to-month toll hikes

50. Pupil drivers on main highways
Legislation Breakers
Legislation breakers are drivers who don’t care what violations they break so long as they get where they wish to be.

It also means that they’re liable to cause other motorists massive headaches and put everybody on edge. A whole lot of accidents are induced because unlawful residents make dumb maneuvers and crash into someone or something.

And as soon as that occurs everyone is angered due to the inevitable visitors jams that’ll observe.

Driving in NJ is unhealthy sufficient with out a couple of idiots causing problems on the interstate. If residents were given the option to stone those individuals, then they would do it in a heartbeat.

There’s zero tolerance for regulation breakers within the Backyard State.

Pet Peeves 51-70
A blinding car beam of mild | Supply NJ Visitors Pet Peeves #fifty one-70

  • 51. Parking in the middle of the road
  • 52. Motorists stopping in the midst of the street
  • fifty three. Large open automotive doors in visitors
  • fifty four. Swerving and speedster motorcyclists
  • fifty five. Incompetent elderly drivers
  • fifty six. Dazed and confused motorists
  • 57. Those with out an NJ license plate
  • 58. New York drivers
  • fifty nine. Crimson gentle rushers
  • 60. People who driver by way of crimson lights
  • 61. Neverending turning signals
  • sixty two. No turning sign at all
  • 63. No headlights after dark
  • 64. Excessive beam use in visitors zones
  • sixty five. Tinted automobile home windows
  • sixty six. Distracting personalized automobiles
  • 67. Via the window littering
  • sixty eight. Cigarette sparks from smokers
  • 69. Garbage left on high of car

70. Snow and ice coated autos
Blinding Excessive Beams
Out of all of the objects on this list, high beams are one of the vital irritating.

There’s nothing worse than a number of drivers utilizing their high beams in a high visitors zone. Initially, drivers aren’t even allowed to try this legally, and second, why are you attempting to cause extra accidents!

Regular, protected visitors on NJ roadways is horrible already, however apparently that’s not adequate for some folks.

Different pet peeves on this set include individuals who stop or park in the middle of the road (very, very silly) and people who don’t clear the snow and ice off their car/s.

That’s right!

Persons are so lazy that they do not even try to clear off their automotive hoods/tops after a snowstorm, which suggests other motorists should dodge the ice flinging off the idiots’ cars.

The utter laziness and stupidity of a few of these drivers is wonderful, and you actually need to see it to imagine it.

Pet Peeves 71-ninety
NJ Site visitors Pet Peeves #71-ninety

  • 71. Drivers who don’t use defrosters
  • seventy two. People who do not use wipers during precipitation
  • seventy three. Messy or dirty automobiles
  • 74. New drivers (normally teenagers)
  • 75. Easily distracted drivers
  • 76. Panicked motorists
  • 77. Those with no winter weather driving experience
  • 78. Massive snow plows on roadways
  • seventy nine. Any accident that creates a nuisance
  • 80. Rain and thunderstorms
  • 81. Winter Weather
  • eighty two. Dense fog/mist
  • 83. Those that solely depend on GPS
  • eighty four. Sharp and fast braking
  • 85. Lane shoving with none hand/traffic signals
  • 86. Inconsiderate motorists who never wave “thanks”
  • 87. Those that drive recklessly during inclement weather
  • 88. Non headlight use throughout unhealthy weather
  • 89. Loud engine autos
  • 90. Annoying loud engine exhibitionists
    Driving in Inclement Weather
    Question: Ought to drivers slow down throughout durations of inclement weather?

Answer: Obviously Sure!

If solely it have been that easy. Some folks don’t get the hint that when it rains or snows, they should drive a little bit bit more carefully. I’ve even seen people who do not use their wipers or headlights during heavy precipitation occasions.

How does that make any sense!

It doesn’t, and I do not perceive why a whole lot of NJ drivers drive normally or even speed throughout terrible weather conditions resembling dense fog. It only takes a couple of miscreants to cause a serious, fatal accident.

You’d think individuals would ultimately be taught their lesson and drive more carefully, however alas they by no means acquired the message and we should endure for their mistakes.

Pet Peeves 91-100
Look out for stay deer! | Source NJ Site visitors Pet Peeves #91-a hundred

  • 91. Drivers who all the time try to showoff
  • 92. Impatient motorists
  • 93. Individuals who hold up traffic as a result of they can’t park
  • 94. Horribly parked autos that take up two parking spaces
  • ninety five. Individuals who take up two lanes of site visitors
  • 96. Swerving motorists with partial lane entry
  • 97. Ambulances and different emergency vehicles
  • 98. Deer crossings and roadkill
  • 99. Pure blockades (fallen branches, water hazards, and so on)

a hundred. Man made blockades (gasoline leaks, fires)
Deadly Deer Crossings
New Jersey residents know that deer are an annual concern significantly in less urban areas. Deer associated accidents have been steadily on the rise and even the warning signs do not assist anymore.

There’s been events where deer have proven up without any prior alerts, and i assure individuals in NJ have skilled or know somebody who’s had a run in with a deer. I don’t know the way it’s in other states, but that is our primary animal related difficulty.

Other pet peeves that often present up embody fallen tree branches, roadway flooding, and gasoline leaks, however the biggest nuisance those issues trigger remains to be traffic.

Visitors remains to be by far the biggest pet peeve, and loads of these different annoyances issue into it.

Well these are the 100 largest pet peeves about New Jersey traffic.

Did they annoy you, or higher yet, how many of these do you expertise the place you reside?

Depart a remark and let me know.

Your Flip!
Greatest Visitors Pet Peeve?

Rush hour visitors

Tailgaters and lane cutters

Speed demons or slow drivers

Distracted motorists (texting, eating)

Rude and aggressive drivers

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JR Krishna 23 months ago from India

Interesting hub

Fascinated to see that all automobiles are lined up one after the opposite.

In India they would try to get into each little space available on the highway and will probably be mess inside no time

Thanks for sharing

AuthorKrzysztof Willman 23 months ago from Parlin, New Jersey

I’ve by no means been there but I’ve seen loads of footage describing what you have stated. It’s quite amazing to witness and I do not know how individuals get by on a regular basis. Thanks for the feedback.