A Information To Dip Dye Hair

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about BeforeHey anon, you can’t get dip dye so I’d recommend both a spray on color that you can get from Suderdrug, or strive you tube for a chalk dip dye. They have step-by-step guides on how to make use of chalk for the impact (works finest on blonde hair) or you would strive dip dye clip in hair. Clip in hair with the impact could be perfect as you possibly can put it in when you want. Perhaps get somebody to purchase some off ebay, (sorry I do not know how previous you’re, if your old sufficient than of course you can buy it). you may all the time get blonde extensions and dye them to match your hair. In case your blonde you only want to dye the end. When you’ve got dark or crimson hair you will have to dye the top half to match your hair and the underside half together with your chosen dip dyed colour. Hope this helps 🙁 sorry if it doesn’t.

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