Alternative ways To Tie Your Silk Scarf

eyebrows perfect eyebrows eye brows eyebrows for face shape perfect ...Scarves come in lots of shapes, sizes, and fabric. This selection makes scarves a very versatile accessory for all outfits. Silk is the queen of fabrics. It is very absorbent without turning into damp and is odor-resistant. A pure silk scarf additionally has amino acids in common with the human body and is even hypoallergenic. Silk’s luxurious softness and paradoxical capacity to stay cool within the heat and warm within the chilly make it a good materials for scarves. You can wear silk scarves over the pinnacle, around the neck, or over the shoulders. Check out different scarf-tying techniques to broaden and update your style.

Over-the-Head Styles

... Body Waves, Meagan, Body Waves Weaving, Beautiful, Hair Care, HairOver the pinnacle scarves have been the trend within the 1960s, worn by Audrey Hepburn and grace Kelly. Over-the-head styles keep the pinnacle heat and keep hair intact or in place.

This style requires a long rectangular silk scarf. Also, make certain you may have a hair tie to lock this style in place. First, middle the scarf on your forehead, bringing the sides over your ears and right down to the nape of your neck, simply as you’d in tying your hair in a ponytail. Subsequent, pull half of the scarf through the hair tie. Next, twist the hair tie. Lastly, bunch up the rest of the scarf, pulling it into the hair tie to finish the look.

First, fold the square scarf diagonally, and make the ends contact, making a triangle. Subsequent, place the scarf on top of the pinnacle. Align the longest side with the center of the forehead and place the pointy half towards the again of the pinnacle. Hold the scarf in place and convey the ends of the scarf all of the technique to the again of the pinnacle. Finally, tie each ends in a single or double knot. Modify the place of the scarf on the forehead as needed for comfort.

A headband scarf is extra elegant and fewer constricting than the premade headband accessory. An oblong silk scarf is a good choice for this specific type. First, lay the scarf on a flat floor and fold the top edge toward the center, creating a crease with your fingers. Next, fold the underside toward the middle, this time overlapping the already folded section. Make a crease along with your fingers. Then, center the scarf at the highest of your head and tuck the ends below your hair, tying a knot on the again. Lastly, modify the length of the knot so that it cascades down the front of either shoulder.

Turban Model

For this style, use a long rectangular scarf. First, center the scarf on your forehead. Next, deliver collectively the sides at the again of your neck, simply as you’ll in tying a ponytail, after which tie a knot. Convey each finish to the entrance of your head, and entwine the sides on top of your head. Lastly, deliver the sides down and tuck the ends below the wrap.

Neck Scarves

One in every of the most typical methods to put on a scarf is to position it round your neck. Neck scarves protect your neck from the chilly and the heat. Select long silk scarves to try out completely different neck scarf types.

The classic bandit model requires an extended and square silk scarf. First, lay the scarf flat on a surface. Next, fold the scarf, making the two corners meet each other to create a triangle. Place the scarf around your neck with the vast triangle pointing down your chest, and wrap the two ends around your neck. Finally, tie a knot beneath the large triangle front.

To create this style, drape the scarf over the shoulders. Next, tie the ends in an overhand knot. Do this twice to make sure the first knot does not give. Then, twist the scarf, forming a number eight. Lastly, take the bottom of the loop and drape it over your head.

This chart lists the different scarf kinds and the type of scarf that works best with every look.


Sort of Silk Scarf

Ponytail style

Bandana wrap

Headband scarf



Long; Rectangular



Infinity loop


In experimenting with scarf types, there are not any strict guidelines. For example, there may be nothing that stops you from using an extended scarf for a bandana wrap, or a shorter scarf for the ponytail style. Use the chart as a guide, but experiment to broaden your model horizon.

How to buy Silk Scarves on eBay

A versatile, year-round accessory, a silk scarf goes with winter, spring, summer time, and fall wardrobes. A silk scarf is an easy but tasteful approach to complement your wardrobe. There is a large selection of silk scarves on eBay, all of which are good for experimenting with the above-mentioned types. Just kind “silk scarves” in the search box discovered on each page. Before making a purchase order, remember to read the product description and delivery particulars to avoid any complications. With the large number of silk scarf choices out there, you might be certain to find the correct accessory for all sorts of occasions.

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