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Black Women’s Natural Hair Inspired Photographer Glenford Nunez To Shoot ‘The Coiffure Project’ (PHOTOS)

Every historic moment needs its recorder. The natural hair revolution now has the stunning photos of Glenford Nunez.

Romantic Wavy Wigs Indian  Full Lace Front Human Virgin HairNunez, the 25-year-old Baltimore-based founder of TYP Photography Studio, is the man behind “The Coiffure Project,” a collection of portraits celebrating the great thing about black women and their magnificent natural hair.

Shot in both black-and-white and color, Nunez’s work is simple yet striking — and to think the project only started by accident.

Looking on the extensive collection of pictures he’d taken of his natural-haired assistant at some point, Nunez decided to run with the thought of photographing curly maned black women.

Appears like a brilliant idea when you think about the present trend toward natural hair. The brand new York Times has covered the movement, countless YouTube tutorials provide tips, and celebs like Solange Knowles and Viola Davis have become official and unofficial poster women for au naturel awesomeness.

Surprisingly, Nunez wasn’t hip to the growing variety of black women embracing their curly manes — but he’s a guy, so we’ll give him some slack.

“I had no idea until I started putting the photos together,” Nunez told The Huffington Post. “People have thanked me for what I’m doing for natural hair and black women, but I genuinely had no idea. It is an excellent awesome feeling though.”

So far Nunez has captured the bountiful beauty of 10 subjects and is looking out for more curly coiffed ladies to photograph.

“I find women just walking down the street, and I exploit models I’ve worked with up to now,” he said. “There’s always a certain essence and style I am auburn extensions drawn to.”

Anyone who has second-guessed going natural — whether by slow transition or big chop — will definitely find reassurance, excitement and loads of inspiration when taking a look at these beautiful images.

While the portraits currently reside on Nunez’s website, he hopes to turn them right into a coffee table book in the near future. One more gorgeous volume we’ll place on our must-have list.

“Now that I know concerning the movement,” said Nunez, “I am hoping this project will really bring the great thing about natural hair to the forefront.”

Here’s a take a look at “The Coiffure Project” up to now. What do you think

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