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Find out how to Trim Your own Bangs

Let’s face it – in case you have short, stylish, super-flattering bangs, you understand the upkeep is enough to drive you mad. You never really notice just how quickly your hair does grow until you want to maintain it at one length, and for bang wearers, the perfect length does not last all that long.

But who has the time and money to trek back to the salon every time your bangs creep below their welcome point Save time and money by learning the tricks of the trade and performing your own mini trim. You may first need to make the trip to your local beauty supplier bellami curling iron and pick up a pair of hair scissors. Kitchen and craft scissors have blunt, bulky points, and cannot deliver the precise clips you may need to drag off. Start with clean, dry hair that is free from product.

Human Virgin Indian Curly Hair Bundles Weave 3pcs/pack Natural ColorAlthough the salon professionals go at it wet, gauging how long your hair is on a guess will not be something you may need to chance. Brush your bangs in their normal manner, and sweep up a small section along with your fingers. Keep a natural amount of slack once you pull so you don’t over-cut. Angle your fingers with the shape of your bangs. When you have straight bangs, create a straight line along with your fingers. For side bangs, mirror their shape on an angle.

Starting in the middle, begin to cut into your bangs holding the scissors at a vertical angle that’s perpendicular to your fingers. Works your way to every end, and repeat the method several times, stopping in between each sweep to make sure you are not going overboard. Brush your bangs to your desired style and assess how much you have cut. Once you’re done, secure your bangs in place with a bit of product, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

bellami curling iron

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