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The World Record Khoomei Challenge Competition Live

Virgin Indian Natural Wave Hair 3 Bundles Human Indian Hair WeaveThe host: “Good morning everyone and the audience in front of the TV, this is the world record Khoomei challenge competition live in 2012 in the USA. This is the most important open stage for everyone to challenge the world record, the rule is straightforward: you will be the world champion when you’ve got the longest continuous throat singing duration only by your one breath. The ultimate winner will get the special sweet chocolate on the wall accompanied with the large check that shall be eight Million Swiss francs! The most recent world record was sixty-one seconds, who will win the ultimate prize now “

The man: “I’m coming.”
A little or no ugly hairless bow-backed old Chinese man in shabby clothes begins walking to the arena.

The host: “Hi man, do you need to beg for food here ”
The man: “Of course, the food on the wall!”

The host: “Do you understand how much it’s ”
The man: “You owed me eight million Swiss francs.”

The host: “Are you serious Are you able to show me a throat singing ”
The man: “No wonder!”

The man takes out a pokey wig and a giant beat-up Lady’s no sleeve shirt from his dilapidated bag to the desk for a candidate. He takes off his worn-out jacket to the floor of the proscenium. He slowly puts on the wig and the shirt. He tardily walks to the microphone for the contest. He takes a big deep breath. He is keeping on singing a Khoomei now. His numbers of the automatic electronic timer are outnumbering the figures of the latest world record.

The host: “It didn’t look like a Khoomei!”
The man: “What is the definition of an overtone singing “

The host: “I never saw it as the identical as yours!”
The man: “So, some people who you’ve got never seen different looks weren’t human beings!”

The host: “Why did you wear a hairpiece and a vest ”
The man: “They bellami hair tutorial were prepared to do with you prematurely since you seemed to guage a book only by its cover!

The host: “Oh, no! I could not see any judge to acknowledge you!”
The man: Was it why a beggar has no money for food “

The host: “Absolutely not! That is the completely fair contest without any discrimination, let’s see what the judges will say!”

Judge gentleman: “Your overtone singing is really special, I had not seen it before, did you learn it from someone “

The man: “Yes, I learned it from myself!”
Judge gentleman: “But, how could you do it “

The man: “My mom told me that , “You probably did it well if you were a baby.”
Judge gentleman: “Wow, you were an actual talent! We never judge a book by its cover! You’re the brand new world record holder now, congrats!”

The man: “Thanks a lot, your comments meant everything to me!”
Judge lady: “It was amazing! Are you able to do it better You just passed it a little bit. Another person might exceed you later!”

The man: “Sure, I did not make the biggest my efforts just now. I used to be just worried about if you would recognize my throat singing.”

Judge lady: “Definitely, it was a pure original professional throat singing without any language, you also created a brand new Khoomei style for us, thanks, gentleman!”

The man: “Really It was unbelievable!

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bellami hair tutorial

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