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The Friends Of Starsteper Society

Are they serious Very. But how so Who’re they, anyway And what’s in it for them

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The primary person to become a person of deep emotional purport in Starstepper’s life was the owner of the hotel he lives best buy on line shopping in. He lives in a Al Capone Chicago type town in a ghetto. Her name is Old Lady Smith. She offered him free rent for security services after she happened on him when he was within the form of a huge Kodiak bear as he scared off some teenage gangsters in town who thought to have fun with the funny and lonely looking Apache.

His kindly patience didn’t prevent them from pulling out their pipes, knives, chains and brass knuckles. In fact, it inspired their contempt. Were they as much as dealing with their new found clown as a 9 foot Kodiak bear, grizzly, growling and coming at them You need to have seen them run!

Mrs. Smith will always remember it! And there are other stories she could tell you, too…
Two days after Starstepper moved in to his new place a team of three bouncers, sent by the big Boss, guns wagging, showed up there for their protection money. Sounds good nevertheless it wasn’t. The protection she was forced to buy was from them.

Imagine their surprise, and hers too, when a 6 foot tall American Eagle stepped into the room and exhaled fire from its yellow beak like a flame thrower. Believe you me, they lost all interest in the money right then and there! I believe I may need done the same.

But who is the large Boss Isn’t he the guy who sent the thugs Should be the head honcho in some type of Boss organization. Yes, that is true. But when the boys got back without the loot he got out his best thinking cap and put it on real serious. He must maintain respect within the neighborhood or it all falls down. And it better not be his pants!

Other notables within the life of the large Boss are his Secretary/Nurse, his Shrink, and a sarcastic inventor who owns and operates Dr. Zoobar’s Scientific Underworld Solutions.No Ltd. He’s jealous of the massive Boss’ nurse because she looks real cute under that white hat. But she sure has her hands full getting him to take his medications. Couldn’t she do better, he wanted to ask. But hey, its a job, and it pays her well, she would have told him back.

There are various other friends and foes in Starstepper’s life. A few of them show up only once but others find their days wrapped up in his a method or another often. Good thing he comes through for them, so far. Speaking of time, I wish I had more of it to inform you the rest right now. However the little woman needs me to wire up her new stereo so she will be able to play her old Tommy Dorsey records and she has been after me about it for longer than I wish to confess.

Starstepper is the fictional main character, do I need to say, in a book of short stories I just uploaded at Amazon to the Kindle reading platform.I will tell you more of him later, happily. Or click on the Amazon Starstepper story book link under the eagle photo below and give him a quick once over.

P.S. Friends who’ve read it say the stories are quick and easy to read, relaxing, an important time killer, and an excellent time. Join us at Amazon.

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