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How To Style Long Hair Into Waves, Curls, Or Braids

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How To Style Long Hair Into Waves, Curls, or Braids
Updated on February 12, 2016 SweetiePie moreContact Author This hub is devoted to long hair and the way fun it may be to style. I have always had an affinity for long hair, and I have grown it out once again. After i first cut my hair it was because I was pressured by friends to “update” my look. They thought my straight, braided, and curly looks were just not “in fashion”. Short hair is beautiful and i did enjoy that look for awhile, but by the point I reached the age of twenty-six I realized I was only cutting my hair short to please other people and not myself. Some females could be very critical of how others style their hair. One time after i had a very pretty longish layered hair cut I received compliments from a number of men, but the older ladies at a meeting just stared at me. A couple of months later I cut my hair above my shoulders, but this was only because I felt like short hair on the time. However, one of many older woman who had been at that earlier meeting made some extent of telling me how much better I looked with shorter hair, so I tactfully commented that I liked my hair in any respect lengths.

Wearing my long hair in a braid. | Source
Honestly, I feel women look beautiful with hair of all lengths, but one of the few curiosities I have encountered since I was a young girl was people telling me they think I should have short hair and never wear skirts as much. Skirts are another story, but having longer hair is my prerogative and on the age of twenty-nine going on thirty I’ve learned to rock it! There are numerous women who often tell me that long hair is cumbersome and hard to take care of, but that relies on which kind of hairstyle you best quality hair extensions prefer. For instance, if you want to curl your hair or blow dry it straight that will take an excessive amount of time, but in the event you simply wash you hair and put it in a neat braid this won’t take for much longer than it will to style a shorter haircut. Long hair is a preference and this hub will explore a few of the explanation why women love long hair.

Long hair will be worn in a braid, which will create waves. | Source Long Hair In History
Up until the twentieth century women in most parts of the world had longer hair. However, there were many cultures where women have always had shorter hair, such because the Maasai women in Africa who shave their heads whilst male warriors allow theirs to grow long. Within the 1920s the trend went towards women cutting their hair short and the bob became a fashion craze. During the following two decades Hollywood movies featured women with short hair, which translated to the popularity of this look being exported throughout the world. By the top of the 1930s we start to see women comparable to Veronica Lake popularizing longer hairdos once again along with her peek-aboo bang, which was very hot during her time, and has can even be seen as a source of inspiration for the long side swept bangs of today. Unfortunately, Lake was encouraged to drag back her side swept bang back firstly of the Second World War because of complaints that women were getting their hair caught in machinery. However, personally I feel people and organizations mustn’t tell women methods to fashion their hair, and women who got their hair caught within the machines should have pulled it back in the primary place. We cannot blame a movie star for not making them do otherwise, or even governments of today should not dictate whether long hair keeps a women from specializing in her studies. Hair is a private fashion choice, but through out history Hollywood actresses have had a pivotal impact upon fashion sense.

For the reason that 1950s and beyond it’s refreshing to see a wide number of actresses which have both short and long hair, and plenty of of those actresses such as Michelle Phieffer, Goldie Hawn, Catherine Zeta-Jones look very glamorous with long hair. Famous Bollywood actresses have some of essentially the most beautiful long locks I have ever seen. In day by day life I see many older Indian women that braid their hair, which looks very beautiful paired with the colorful saris they wear about town. I’ve met people in the fifties that have long hair, and today there isn’t a standard that dictates a women must cut her hair by a certain age because long hair looks beautiful at any age. I have seen celebrities and every single day women from every culture with beautiful long hair, and I must say I’ve had many girl crushes when i see a woman with beautiful locks.

Back before I highlighted my long hair. The highlights in my long hair have noticeably lightened in the summer sun. Long Hair And Me
My great-grandma was mostly Kansa and had long hair all of her life. She always looked beautiful in pictures where she had long dark hair done up in a classy chignon. Also, the fact that she was part Native American made me drawn to hearing stories about her long braided locks. I’ve always loved the great thing about Native American women and how many wear their hair in long braids, that are functional and versatile. Once i visited my mom’s side of the family back in 1995 I felt like an outsider because everyone had lighter hair, and my cousins were constantly asking me if I was Jewish. However, I kindly had to remind them I’m part Syrian on my dad’s family, and Native American just like they were. Even though several distant cousins and one in all my aunts had darker hair and features, everyone kept asking about me. Thankfully my uncle commented that with my long dark hair I looked identical to my great-grandma, who also happens to be my namesake. I never met my great-grandma, but I feel a robust connection along with her and I love that my looks remind people of her.

In school some kids used to inform me I was adopted once they saw my family in town shopping because my mom and sisters have strawberry blonde hair, and I’ve dark hair. However, I have the same facial features as my mom and my hair coloring is the same as my dad’s, which just go to show people often jump to conclusions.

A few years ago I went to present my sister’s doctor some paper work, however the receptionist didn’t even think I used to be her sister. However, this same sister’s hair has darkened right into a deep brown, so I not less than I do not feel alone with my hair color-wise. Since I always had dark hair I’ve an affinity towards staying with darker colors and I’ve never wanted to dye my hair blond. Recently I did try highlighting my hair, and I really loved the outcomes. I may just let it grow back out to its original color, or I may opt for different colored highlights next time around. My darker hair has always meant too much to me because it helped me to just accept I was a novel and special person. I love having dark long hair and that is just me!

Creating Wavy Hair
Many women have long curly hair and decide to straighten it or leave it as is. However, the straightening process will be damaging and time consuming. I actually think women with long curly hair look very attractive and don’t need to straighten their hair, but of course that is a private preference. I’ve long wavy hair, but I’ve never bothered making it stick straight as that’s not my cup of tea. Only a few people have stick-straight hair, and that i just don’t think it is a necessary requirement for beauty. However, I used to spend an excessive amount of time blow drying and curling my hair with a hot air brush, but I stopped doing that after I highlighted my hair to minimize damage. This summer I have been choosing allowing my hair to dry in a ponytail or braid after I shower. Once my hair is done drying I take it out of the braid, which supplies it an exquisite waves. Also, my hair is far shinier when i do not use hot air, so I prefer to braid it or leave it in a pony tail to dry. However, I also enjoy curling my hair after I’ve washed it. Sometimes I take advantage of a big curling iron to create waves, or a smaller curling iron to create spiral curls. Also, I like to use rag curls because this is far less damaging than using a hot air brush or curling iron. However, I still enjoy using the new air brush during a time crunch, and will probably reserve this for the cold winter months. Since it is summer time at 100+ temps per day it’s refreshing to simply wash my hair and throw it into a simple pony tail or braid. Every other week I curl my hair when I have extra time or a break day.

Long curly hairdos are easy to create. I achieved this look with rag curls. How you can Make Rag Curls
Rags curls are simple, affordable, and easy to create. First wash your hair and comb it out to make sure it is tangle free. Ahead of time cut up an old sheet into long strips. Start at the highest of the pinnacle by gathering a half-inch of hair at a time. Wind the hair across the cloth strip and tie off at the end. Work from top to bottom until all of your hair is within the cloth rag curls. This hairdo is comfortable to sleep on, but allow a while for taking it out in the moring. My hair holds a curl very well, but you’ll be able to apply hairspray to ensure the curls hold. I like this hairdo and it gives me bounce and shine for 2 days straight. I have a kind of hair that becomes dry easily, so washing it every single day is just not useful. Thus, taking the time to use rag curls in my hair is well worth the effort because I’ve two days of a wonderful and manageable hairdo!

Braiding a ribbon into your hair can be a festive or an everyday look. Braiding a ribbon into an accent braid is a great festive or everyday look. An accent braid can be added to long or short hair, and all you need is enough hair to braid a small strand of hair. To begin, section off a small part of your hair and divide it into three sections. Next, tie a ribbon into one of many three sections and braid it into the accent plait. When you’re finished you will have a fun hairdo that will add a bit bit or flair to any style. Accent braids are the best for beginners because you’ll be able to see what you might be doing without the assistance of a mirror. Enjoy and have fun experimenting with your individual hair!

Hair Survey:
Do you prefer:
Long Hair

Short Hair
See results Hair Quiz
What is your favorite style
Wearing it down.

Pulling a part of it up.
Braiding it.

Wearing it in a pony tail.
Straigthening it.

I alternate from everyday.
I wear my hair up.

I wear my hair very short.
I am bald or balding, but this is sexy baby!
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sendingAuthorSweetiePie 5 years ago from Southern California, USA
Glad you found something that works for you Janice :).

JAnice Hiff 5 years ago
My hairdresser started selling Shielo’s Antioxidant Leave in Protectant spray a year ago and i decided to try it, though i used to be hesitant. I could not imagine that 1 product would actually do all that this one claimed to. I tried it for every week with no other styling products, and since that week i’ve been a believer! This product is amazing.

I’ve SUPER THICK curly hair that i blow dry straight and flat iron. The Shielo Antioxidant Spray leaves it feeling amazing. My hair is shiny, silky, soft and not damaged in any respect. I can’t ever stop using this product. I have tried various styling products for years and have never had such amazing results. It really does do everything it claims. It’s also nice to only have to use 1 styling product as opposed to the 2,3, and sometimes even 4 that i used to be previously using.

Research Analyst 7 years ago
Styling hair is waves curls and braids is a good idea and has such a nice carefree search for long hairstyles.

dreamreachout 7 years ago
great hub on my favourite subject! cheers!!

AuthorSweetiePie 7 years ago from Southern California, USA
I’m sure you have beautiful hair adrienne.

adrienne honeycutt 7 years ago
i started taking a look at hair photos tonight. i accidentally came across yours. although, people tell me that i look alot older……..hell, i am older! my hair has grown to be long chestnutt brown. i like my hair. it shines through out

You can buy curlers at the shop and wash your hair, after which curl it the old fashion way. I’m sure your mom would haven’t any problem with this as all girls used to do their hair like that back in the day :). Just say mom I don’t see why you’ll mind me using regular curlers on my hair, especially since these are less damaging than a curling iron.

a teen 8 years ago
hi you’re so pretty i dont know how you can do my hair cuz my mom wont let use a curling iron

Up until I was twenty I had really long hair, almost long enough to sit on. I am not likely interested by my hair being that long again, but I have since grown it back out. In my twenties I felt impressed to cut my hair shorter because my friends made me feel that having long hair was not cool or trendy. I’ve since decided to be more true to myself and elegance my hair the best way I like. I used to love going to the salon, but my last experience lacked something to be desired. I was charged 125 dollars to get my hair cut and dyed, and my stylist did not even seem that excited to be working with me.

At first she was very sweet and gracious, but the last time I went to see her I could tell she had amassed more clients, so she was probably not worried about losing my business. She used to send out post cards suggesting we are available, but she now not does that. She did a good job styling my hair, but the value was just too expensive. I have learned to cut my very own hair recently, and I will probably try this from now on. I will dye my own hair next time around too.

typep 8 years ago
Your hair is gorgeous! Wish I hadn’t cut mine ;-( But I had to cut it short after going to a salon, they left the peroxide in my hair for too long, afterwards my hair was a multitude, dry…could hardly comb it out. But I am growing it again! Cool hub!

qyaunaiza 8 years ago
wow different colors in hair i prefer it

Thanks to your great comment. Here in American the vast majority of the time people call a fringe bangs versus bang, but sometimes I hear the word fringe used. The word fringe was more common in the 1800, but today mostly the word bangs prevail. I also hear people talking about cutting a bang, but mostly it’s referred to as bangs.

Iphigenia 8 years ago
I loved this hub. I’m 51 and over time have had my hair long, short and inbetween. I’ve been as short as a “number 2” and as long as my waist. I always thought that as I got older I might have short hair – my mother spouted that old wives’ tale about long hair making women of a certain age look older !

But now I have got long hair – my hair was always strawberry blond and is getting light. I would wish to think it’s going white – I wish to be a foxy old lady !

I prefer to have a light fringe today (I believe that is called a ‘bang’ in American English – a ‘bang’ is something quite different in British English and will only happen between consenting adults)

My hair has a gentle curl which is always better if I don’t comb through after washing – I wish to experiment with styles. I exploit beads and ribbons – all sorts of hair ornaments – I plait it, sometimes one plait sometimes many. I do French plaits – smooth and raised ….

… thanks for a good read
Hi Melody,

My friend used to get her hair straightened also. Hope you’ve fun styling your new hairdo.
Melody Lagrimas 8 years ago from Philippines

Wow, what an interesting hub! I’ve ong wavy/curly hair that I always tie right into a ponytail. Like to braid it too now and again. But am planning to have it straightened once again.

Wearing rag curls is a safe approach to experiment. I really like the body it gives to my hair, but most of the time I’m too lazy to do it. Sometimes washing my hair and putting it in a braid or braids will give just as good results, plus this is way quicker.

blondepoet 8 years ago from australia
wow totally kool tips I am going to try just a few out.My hair is dead straight so I actually wish to do the curl thing lol

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Hub Love. I really like your avatar by the best way!
Hub Love 8 years ago from United States

Great job with the pictures AND the video! Looks great!
Thanks for commenting Ripplemaker. You’ve very lovely hair and your new avatar is so great!

Thanks for the comment Patty, I appreciate it :).
Patty Inglish 8 years ago from North America

Fun poll! You have very attractive hair, btw.
Michelle Simtoco 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

I too love long hair. But since it’s so fine, it goes limp if it is far too long. So I just end up having it below the shoulders but not allowing it to succeed in the waist. This is a pleasant hub Sweetie Pie. Yes, long hair can have many options…curl, waves or braids. I even love a pony tail every so often. LOL Right on track! 🙂

AuthorSweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

Parents should give children more space relating to exploring their looks. My mom never dictated how I should style my hair, but she grew up in the sixties and I feel people of that generation tended to be more open due to their life experiences. My sister really pushed the envelope sometimes, such as the time she secretly dyed her hair purple. However, I feel she decided on her own that was not for her when on the age of fourteen she had a variety of older men hitting on her once we went to Disneyland. My mom was not happy about her choice and told my sister, but she also wanted her to learn from her mistake. Not that there is anything wrong with someone dying their hair purple if that is their choice, but she selected her own the unwanted attention she was receiving from it was not for her. Eighties fashions are back in again, so a crimping iron sounds just like the thing to have. I’m surprised they haven’t started mass marketing these to teens yet, but maybe they will in a year or so. Thanks for commenting.

oops duplicate
roddma 8 years ago

I always felt like a plain jane with my brown hair and am always highlighting. I’m fai rcomplected and blue eyes so I feel the highlight compliment me. Everyone pressured me to chop hair too so dont feel bad. Sometimes parents cut hair much to the women dismay. How about asking first lol The ladies should have a say so in the matter. My parents were sitll stuck n the 50’s and didn’t understand my have to experiment. I’m a product of the8 0’s and experimenting was natural. Teasing and crimpng were popular By the way in which I still have my crimping iron lol

When I have the motivation I wear my hair is many hairstyles, but more often than not in a braid or down is just easier for me. I agree :).

dineane 9 years ago from North Carolina
I wanted long hair growing up sooooo badly, mostly because I thought it was sexy and glamorous. I couldn’t get past the pain of letting it grow until I started perming it in my 20s. Now I wear it mostly long, and i used to think it could be so versatile – all of the ways you may style it. Truth is I seldom do greater than twist it out of my way! But I’m with you, I still like long hair!

I created a brand new poll slot per your suggestions :).

Earth Angel,
Thanks for commenting again :).

Eddie Perkins,
Thanks for commenting and that i see what you mean. I don’t feel I must dye my hair either.

I’ll try your screensaver, thanks for sharing.

Rag curls are fun and i hope you may try it sometime. Thanks for commenting.

Uninvited Writer,
Thanks for commenting. Your short hair looks very nice by the way. I just never liked short hair on myself, but on you it looks great.

I try to make use of my very own pictures because I know not less than I have permission to make use of them. Call me paranoid, but increasingly more I would like to use my own pictures because that way I can say the work is all mine. Thanks for comment.

Ricardo Nunes 9 years ago from Portugal
I loved the way you used your own pictures on this hub. Very nice hair by the way in which!

Susan Keeping 9 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario
Excellent hub. As I discussed in someone else’s hub, I haven’t had long hair for the reason that late 70s.

Thanks for the comments on my avatar Sweetie Pie!! It was my first project in PhotoShop and is the cover of the poetry book I just published, Sirens of Circumstance!! The hair is definitely mine (sans the rainbow colors) and the photo of it actually wraps across the spine of the book!! You’re a jewel!! Blessings always, Earth Angel!!

Shadesbreath 9 years ago from California
Hey, very nice job, SweetiePie. I think you will have great hair, btw. But you need an option in your second poll for “I have no hair” for us aged, follicularly challenge males.

Shirley Anderson 9 years ago from Ontario, Canada
I’ve had a long-time curiousity concerning the rag curls. That is great, SweetiePie, now I know the way to do this, and the affects. Thx for that!

Great hub!!
Eddie Perkins 9 years ago

Superb hub. One thing I will not let you know (or another woman) is how they should wear their hair – I am a coward down deep.

My preference is long hair on the ladies and that i just hate to see them always coloring their hair. I feel like saying “Do not you recognize that God made you beautiful just the way you’re and for just the proper person ” But I don’t say that either.

Whatever you ladies think is just fine with me. I’m a man, I think you might be all beautiful. ~ eddie
Thanks for commenting on my hub Ryan, I especially appreciate you took the time to do that.

Earth Angel, sorry about the oversight in my poll, which will probably be fixed right now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. You hair sounds very beautiful and thank you for commenting.

Earth Angel 9 years ago
Wonderful Hub Sweetie Pie!! Thanks for sharing!! Plus, your own hair is lovely!!

Hair is particularly sacred to me!! Mine, blonde with a little bit of help from a lightener, is very straight and hangs all the way down to my thighs!! I wear it up most of the time for several reasons!! (Which was not one in every of the choices in your poll above!! )

I’ve found that wearing my hair up protects best quality hair extensions much of it from the sun, an excessive amount of combing, and getting split ends from sitting on it too often!! Also, wearing it up allows air to circulate which aids in hair growth and health!!

So long as hair is healthy and shiney and kept well, I believe any age can wear long hair!!
Thanks again for the good Hub!!

Blessings always, Earth Angel!!
Great videos, too!

Ryan Hupfer 9 years ago from San Francisco, CA
Love the Hub and thanks for adding the HubMob RSS capsule! 🙂

Thanks for commenting Dotie. Your hair could be very pretty also, and I am sure you daughter also has pretty hair. Maybe she will write a hub too about hairstyles she likes to do these days.

I are likely to wear my long hair down also, it’s just easier. Also, I feel long hair down is pretty. Thanks for commenting.

cvaughn570 9 years ago
Well done! I prefer to go away my long hair down. I actually despise it when I have to put it up, but that’s just me 😉 Nice pictures too!

Dottie1 9 years ago from MA, USA
I agree that hair is a private fashion choice and best to wear it the way you’re feeling most confident. I like your long dark hair. It is beautiful! I lost count on the variety of times I braided my daughters hair before bed to get that desired wave within the morning. I miss those days, she’s in college now. I’m wondering who’s doing her hair now! I find braiding hair to be very relaxing. SweetiePie, very nice hub. Thumbs up.

AuthorSweetiePie 9 years ago from Southern California, USA
Thanks Princessa, but I have to say your hair looks very pretty also!

Thanks for commenting. Personally I am just worried about doing too many damaging things to my hair, but I understand some people prefer to straighten theirs out. I assume it is all about personal preferences.

ASHWINSPGA 9 years ago from Lion City ( Singapore)
You look best within the long curly hairdo. it emphasize your pretty features fully Sweetie Pie. I have seen women in my office go for this thing called re-bonding which was suppose to make your hair permenantly straight. But I notice after sometime it makes their hair look dry and brittle to the touch. I going to email them your hub’s link to my friends and hope they learn something from it. Great work as usual Sweetie Pie.

Wendy Iturrizaga 9 years ago from France
Great hub. I love long hair, I’ve always regreted it once i cut it short or put colour in it. It is true that it may be cumbersome but it’s also very versatile.

BTW it looks like you’ve gotten lovely hair 😉

best quality hair extensions

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