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You are probably thinking that longer hair means more work, but it just so happens that the look is the best style a man can maintain. And let’s be honest, Jared Leto has never looked hotter.

So we turned to celebrity groomer Diana Schmidtke to get her tips and tricks for guys who need to rock lengthier locks.

Check out Schmidtke’s advice below; you will want to trust the woman who’s accountable for some of the hottest guys on the red carpet.

What are the present trends with men and long hair
With Hollywood, you’re always going to see men with longer hair, and it mostly has to do with a task they’re playing. It might be natural or it might be extensions. Or if they’re lucky enough, they grow out their own hair.

Thankfully, we’re in a time where everything goes. The man bun is great to get hair out of your face. We’ve seen it Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworthd, Jared Leto and David Beckham.

It’s okay to vary your look, there’s no rules — it’s 2014.
From left to right: Brad Pitt, Jared Leto and Chris Hemsworth

Is it easy to take care of
When people say that long hair is more high maintenance, that’s not entirely true. With long hair you can always pull it back; with short hair, it’s important to do it everyday. If you have short hair and walk out the house without one of those pomades, pastes or creams, it’s going to be fluffy. If you’re running late and have long hair, you can just put a little bit light spray gel in it to refresh it or you’ll be able to pull it back in a ponytail.

What about thick or textured strands
You probably have texture in your hair then you’re in luck. Most men do have some type of texture and that’s going to create the nice wave. The trick is to bring it out, which is really easy to do when it’s wet. Scrunch your hair until the natural wave is available in, from the underside to the scalp.

You want to let it air dry as often as possible. Light spray gel and a grooming cream work well as they naturally dry better.

How should men care for their locks
It is best to always be getting trims or you’ll get split ends and straggly-looking hair. Lots of men tend to have less density than women; if it’s not cut and maintained properly it gets straggly.

Shampoo it a minimum of twice, if not three, times per week depending on how much you workout and sweat. You want to ensure to at the very least buy a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner because they have enough conditioning agent in it. You’ve gotten to verify you’re conditioning, because it’s longer and that will lay the hair down.

If you’re a man who’s not an enormous fan of washing their hair, I highly recommend dry shampoo. Have one on your gym bag, as well. It’s readily available everywhere — dry shampoo is a great method to refresh after the gym, an incredible in-between product to make use of and for people who have more naturally oily hair than others.

Are there any products needed
Most gels, pomades, pastes and putty are all made for short hair. So whenever you grow your hair out, you better start using a grooming cream and/or a light spray gel to tame it, just avoid anything that’s heavy in texture.

You also want to work those natural oils down black ebony clip from the scalp, so you’ll want to invest in a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush, which is square and has bristles which can be plastic or synthetic. A paddle brush should have large balls on the tip of the bristles because that may help with detangling. It’s crucial to start out from the underside and work your way up when combing out coarse hair.

After which spend money on a couple of hair ties, because there are going to be times once you want all of it out of your face.

Should guys frame their long hairstyles, in accordance with face shape
Find what you want to accentuate and even what you want to remove from depending in your face shape. A good haircut is one which accentuates the great features and diminishes anything one could also be insecure about.

For example, in case you have a very nice jawline then it could be nice if those front layers hit the jawline. If in case you have a ton of hair, you do want to get in there and create these layers.

Joe Manganiello
The attention shall be drawn to wherever the front of the hair hits so someone with a extremely large nose you wouldn’t want those front pieces hitting at the nose. You’ll want to go slightly longer, like to the corner of the mouth or the corner where the jawline is. It’s important to have those layers.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.
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black ebony clip

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