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Cellulose Fiber Textile Dyes Exhaust Dyeing

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About the concerning the dyeing of reactive dyes: in the simultaneous adsorption and diffusion bonding with the fiber response (solid color) and hydrolysis.

Reactive dye the more intense the upper the immediacy, the lower diffusion, dyeing, and dyeing through the worse, so cellulose dyeing, the dye ought to be nearly neutral, to be at or close to the adsorption equilibrium along with alkali (fixing agent), raising the pH value of dye, to speed up fixing reaction, reduce the chance of dye hydrolysis and enhance fixation, but in addition get a great levelness and dye penetration effect.

Fixation: dye covalently bound with the fibers into the dye accounted for a percentage of total dye
1. Dyeing eigenvalue S value is too high or too low will cause the dye levelness and penetration of variation

S values of high dye salt by batch, control dyeing temperature and time to increase the transfer dye

S value is small, E value is large, cannot transfer dye levelness should be obtained through the base increases by dyeing

S value is larger, E-S value is comparatively small:
Controlled by the amount of salt salt-controlled dye adsorption rate
S value could be very high, E-S value is small:
Dye aggregation was to boost the temperature to improve temperature control dye levelness
S value is lower, E-S value is greater:
E value increased after adding alkali larger dye often known as alkali-controlled or self-absorbed dye
R value, said fixing speed, and the leveling of the
R, F value is related to the efficiency of the final fixation
A lot of the dye dip dye and alkali agent used to hitch the process in two

Past few years, material phase (AllIn) dyeing
2. DISSEMINATED main technological factors Different reactive groups of the dyes require different dyeing and fixing temperature, low temperature and strong, whereas higher.

Fixing pH, generally from 10 to 11, more appropriate, commonly used alkaline agent is sodium carbonate, pH values might be maintained at 10.5 percent; promote infiltration can use baking soda and soda ash mixed alkali; silicate buffering capacity, but increase in solution viscosity, affect the amount of high permeability.

Less reactive directly, so than dyes with high, but to stop excessive amount of dye caused gathered.

Liquor ratio dyeing equipment mainly by the choice. Bath ratio is small, dye utilization is high, but will affect the leveling effect.

3. Dip process Two-bath two-stage process, one-bath two-stage process and all materials stage process
Two-bath two-stage process Neutral dye bath in dyeing, and then non-alkaline dye bath solidified fixing color

Adsorption bath and fixing bath tank could be added using dyes with high efficiency, high efficiency fixing

For the production of yarn dyed, dyes to color fixation rate and the quantity of stable, easy to errors

One-bath two-stage process Most Textile Product is Quality easy to manage, less color
Cylinder production cannot continue All material stage process
Process is simple Higher rate of dye hydrolysis, staining the stability of poor quality
Suitable structure is more loose fabric or yarn, or alkali used under alkaline conditions weaker
To dye light, the color-based Jigger can also be disseminated Suitable for small quantity and variety of production, flexibility, strong

Dye bath is comparatively small when
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