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Oprah’s Hairstylist Andre Walker Clears Up ‘Kinky Hair’ Comments

There’s not too many things in this world that may rile a woman up like a negative comment on her hair. Oprah Winfrey’s hairstylist Andre Walker is facing heat beyond the new comb for his statements from a recent Elle interview where he discussed the styling and care of kinky hair (read: highly-textured, curly strands).

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Within the article, Walker encourages loving what you’ve got got on top, but then goes on to say, “Kinky hair can have limited styling options; that is the one hair type that I suggest altering with professional relaxing.”

Say what
I wasn’t the one natural hair rocking young woman who was taken aback by the professional’s statement, especially since Walker has a curly coif himself. As Jezebel Senior Editor Dodai Stewart reported, readers took to’s comments section to unleash their thoughts.

One commenter wrote:
“I, too, was offended with the statement on natural hair. When i stopped wrestling with my daughter’s kinks, a complete new world of styling options opened as much as us. It wasn’t about making ponytails in different sections and putting on new barrettes. Now she wears an afro, frohawk, twists, straw curls, etc. and we’re both much happier. Mr. Walker just went down a notch in my eyes.”

Another upset reader revealed:
“I personally do not find that it limits my styling options in the least nor is it any tougher to manage than another texture of hair once one is correctly educated. *SMH* Maybe Oprah would have embraced her natural hair texture blond curly weave had she had a more open minded stylist.”

Walker shortly after took to his blog to clarify his perspective on kinky hair writing:
“On the subject of curly and kinky hair (there is a difference), I leave the political correctness of “going straight” or staying natural to a woman’s personal preference. Once again, my advice is based on the right way to best achieve strong, healthy hair. So for many who would like to have interaction me in a debate about who has more racial pride and self-worth, based on hairstyle preference and use or non-use of chemical relaxers, know that I believe in personal freedom, and in using advanced technology when it yields positive results, which a lot of today’s (versus yesterday’s) chemical relaxers do deliver.”

As the mane man to a media mogul (whose hair just isn’t naturally straight) and with a plethora of natural hair bloggers like Patrice of, Mae of and the curly-haired duo, Michelle and Gretchen, behind enlightening us with their tress-formation, you’d think Walker would have enough knowledge to make it clear to Elle that the possibilities of styling kinky hair are indeed limitless and that you are not bound to short, unhealthy strands because this hair type tends to break easily.

What do you think in regards to the kinky hair “debate” Do you agree or disagree with Walker’s statements

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