Boat Solar Energy System Works In Home

The boat has each solar panels and a wind generator. They cost the boat batteries that provide electricity for the boat. The 12 volt system runs the lighting, refrigerator, our fans, our computers, Television, and navigation system. Every thing but the A/C and the hot water heater ran off the batteries. At the dock, we plugged into shore electricity for the A/C and scorching water heater. The house might use photo voltaic panels to cost a financial institution of batteries the same method.

Fire and Water Beach Wave Hair WeaveThe cost of a commercial house solar panel system and the Solar Attic Fan Guys to tie in to the grid was manner out of my reach. A 12 volt system like that on the boat was inexpensive. I began with a 45 watt solar panel kit from our hardware outlet store. The equipment contained the three solar panels, a voltage regulator, two 12 volt dc gentle bulbs that have a standard lamp base to them, and wiring.

The 12 volt system does four things for us. First, our electric invoice is decrease. Second, we now have lights when there is a energy outage. Third, my trolling motor batteries are at all times charged and able to go. Fourth, and last, it drives the man next door nuts

The fixtures were wired in to the 12 volt line and the house had 12 volt LED lights. The size and brightness of the fixtures have been picked for the areas they lit. Brilliant lighting was used within the kitchen, halls and bath rooms bought smaller models. One DC line was run into the dwelling room.

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