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To keep To keep Your Bangs From Separating

PU Hair Best Real Brazilian Tape In Human Hair ExtensionsBangs make the biggest impact when they are clean and sit naturally across the face, making a frame in your eyes and cheekbones. Hair that is okay or vulnerable to oily conditions on a daily basis can often separate the hair on the middle of the forehead, creating a part where no part is desired. A number of basic styling techniques can increase the longevity of those brazillian natural wave thick, unending bangs and prevent the opportunity of separated or clumpy bangs.

Step 1
Wash your hair as you normally would and towel dry. Ensure that hair is not dripping wet before moving to the following stage of styling.

Step 2
Place a pea-size amount of volumizing styling cream in your palm. Work into the bangs. Spray the bangs with a light mist of heat protectant.

Step 3
Place the small paddle brush underneath the bangs at the root on the precise side of your face. Include a chunk of hair from the middle of the bangs. Turn the blow dryer on and point the nozzle down towards your bangs.

Step 4
Pull the paddle brush down from the foundation and towards the middle of your face keeping tension as you pull the hair towards your nose. Follow the trail of the paddle brush with the blow dryer as you do this. Repeat this motion from the basis to the tip a pair more times with the suitable side of the bangs. Pull the proper side of your bangs straight down with the paddle brush and the blow dryer a final time so that the hair lies flat.

Step 5
Begin the blow drying process on the left side of your bangs making sure you include some of the hair from the center of the bangs. Place the paddle brush under the left side of the bangs and pull towards the center of your face just slightly as you follow together with the blow dryer. Repeat a couple of times and then pull the paddle brush straight down together with the hair dryer a final time so the hair lies flat on your forehead. This process will encourage the hairs to lie flat and in the right direction.

Step 6
Smooth the hair down along your entire section of bangs using a flat iron. This process will smooth down flyaways and encourage the hair to remain in place.

Step 7
Spray the bangs with a flexible hold hairspray very lightly.
Volumizing hair cream

Heat protectant
Small paddle brush

Blow dryer
Flat iron

Flexible hairspray
Apply a dry shampoo to the bang area throughout the day in case you have oily hair that promotes bang separation. Rather than pulling the bangs towards your center part, you might also want to create side swept bangs by pulling all the hair to the side. Skip the volumizing cream if you already have thick or voluminous hair. Avoid touching your bangs as much as possible throughout the day because the oils from our skin can often cause hair to clump and separate.
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