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Find out how to Plant Your Roses

Taking good care of a rose goes beyond how much fertilizer is to be used or how deep the hole must be or when you plan to add fertilizer now or later on. Either way, you should not forget that an important part in planting a rose is choosing the correct location where to let it grow. There are lots of things to be considered in choosing a plant’s location and this should be handled high importance.

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Will your chosen location get enough sunlight for the roses Majority of rose species must receive at least six hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight throughout the day. Even those shade tolerant species have to be given about four to six hours of sunlight to do well.

Is the soil healthy Roses require nutritious soil aside from sunlight so as to outlive. The soil must be rich enough to contain all the necessary nutrients the roses need from it. It should not have an excessive amount of clay or sand. To test out whether it has an excessive amount of clay or sand, clump it along with your hand. If the soil has an excessive amount of clay, it can hold the mold but is not going to crumble very easily. If it does crumble easily and does not hold the mold, then it has a lot sand. A characteristic of fine soil is that it should hold the mold in your hand but would crumble easily. The soil must not be too acidic, nor should it contain much limestone or much chalk.

Last but not the least is to see whether you are going to plant your roses too near tress or to other plants. There are many trees and plants that pull water for them way beyond their drip line. If you happen to start seeing quite a lot of roots while digging for an area to your roses, this should be a sign that this may probably create problems eventually. There are some climbing rose and some shrubs which are an exception but most rose plants only like to be mixed with other roses or other non-invasive plants.

After you’ve selected where to position your rose plant, you’ll be able to think about how deep the opening should actually be. The outlet must be slightly larger than the pot where the plant is. This manner, you would encourage the roots of the roses to dig deeper for more water. The depth of the opening, however, is dependent upon your location.

Climate has great effect in your roses, as it’s best to know by now. The colder areas need their plants to be deeper into the soil. It could be an ideal idea to go around asking people out of your area about how deep their plants are. A good piece of advice can be to go to the local gardener’s club or a gardening shop near you. Most of the time, people there gather to exchange ideas and or have tips for growing healthier plants. You might even spot a fellow rose-grower whom you might ask. The depth varies according to people but do remember so as to add fertilizer at the bottom or some bone meal for a superb source of phosphorous that may encourage healthy root growth.

Gently spread the roots out slightly and fill-up the hole with soil. You can water the roots before adding more soil to it. Finally, add the refill the last of the soil back into the opening, give it a slight pat to make sure that soil is intact, and you would finally water it again

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