chocolate and blonde hairstyles

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Jessica Jean Myers

So on Sat. afternoon I had the pleasure of engaged on a really unique wedding w/ a really fun Bride – Tina and her Mother in Law – Winnie. What made this wedding so unique you ask Well to start it wasn’t overly formal in any respect…almost similar to a big party w/ all your fav. ppl coming together which I suppose is what a wedding is suppose to be lol.

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Also, the couple were doing their pictures over at the Distillery District at around 5 before the ceremony which was actually at night. But what really made this wedding unique was the truth that it was a Time Period costume party wedding…nevertheless it wasn’t decade specific you can come dressed in ANY chocolate and blonde hairstyles time period you wanted! So as you can imagine the couple obviously has a little bit of whimsy to them. The bride didn’t even have a Maid of Honour but a Man of Honour instead lol!

chocolate and blonde hairstyles

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