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Jessica Jean Myers

I thought since I did blogs about a few of my fav hairstyles I created for last year’s brides it only right to do a blog post about some of my favourite makeup looks! Especially considering I’m a makeup artist first, hairstylist second…although sometimes you wouldn’t know that by the amount of brides I’ve contacting me to simply do hair sometimes lol!

One thing that has always been a continuing in my bridal business is brides hire me b/c they are looking for that “Natural, Soft, Glowing” look. Very clean and really pretty! For the most part my brides Do not wish to wear or seem like they are wearing a variety of makeup! The thing is that to create those looks I often have to coach brides concerning the face that they do in fact STILL Must WEAR MAKEUP!!! More makeup then they’re probably use to lol…especially considering it looks as if about 75% of my clientele were minimal to no makeup for the most part lol! When I am interviewing staff it is actually one of the things I have to stress to them is that my clientele for essentially the most part wants a “NATURAL LOOK”…even if they are showing me Kim K. pictures I gotta ask them questions and determine what the truth is they are actually on the lookout for (99% of the time it’s not Kim K let me inform you 4 Bundles Human Virgin Brazilian Straight Weave Hair Bundles With Closure lol)!

It’s actually funny/frustrating (is dependent upon my mood lol) how much convincing I sometimes I must do w/ clients to make them realize they’re in fact not wearing that much makeup and it is not “too much”. My day look is usually more than they are going to let me placed on them for their wedding lol (and i don’t get glam each day fyi). I actually don’t know a bridal artist who has a lighter hand than I do in the case of understanding the approach of less is more…plenty of times I do actually think my clients could use a bit more “drama” but I do need to respect their wishes and comfort level of course.

With that said I do still get to create some beautiful makeup looks and i do really have some beautiful clients. I believe considered one of things that actually helps when doing a natural look is that I just about insist on some form of false lash whether it be strip or individual lashes. I’ve mentioned this before but I include this not only for the bride but anyone getting makeup services (and my staff do too). I believe when you are doing a “natural look” it really is one of the best ways to make the eyes pop w/out using plenty of shadow and if I do get the prospect to do a “glam look” it’s after all necessary otherwise to me the look just seems unfinished!

I definitely see a rise in the amount of airbrush foundation I’m doing on brides this past season! I got a brand new airbrush compressor/gun this year and i must say I am actually really loving airbrush rather a lot more than I exploit to! I do not know if it’s the new machine or just me getting more skilled but I am loving the finish, the lightness on the skin and the coverage it provides…plus my makeup phobic brides are really loving the fact that it still looks like “there is nothing on the skin” regardless that it gives them that flawless finish!

Adrianna is a classic example of “Pretty & Soft” Wedding Makeup! I used airbrush foundation on her and I am still obsessed w/ her updo lol! Photos courtesy of Azure Blue Photography

I did a return visit for Adrianna which is getting more popular with brides. I changed up her lip to a bold red lip and smoked out the eyes a bit more! It was the proper addition for the evening look. Making it a bit more “glam” but not over the top or “too much”

After all I’ve to say Brittany when I’m talking about some of my fav makeup looks for last season! She actually let me do a bronzy/brown/black smokey eye on her and give her a little bit drama. The funny thing is that I am always trying to explain to brides is it does not look that much in the photographs at all! Actually it looks like the proper amount…in person it didn’t look “a lot” either btw…but it is all about comfort level.

Airbrush foundation was used.
Diane was fun to work with! She sent me dramatic pictures and she actually wanted dramatic makeup! We did a full smokey eye and deep berry lip for her. She was getting married in Nov. so it definitely worked w/ her Fall/Winter wedding. Photos courtesy of Jennifer Moher

I love how glowy and soft Jasmine’s makeup looks! She’s Eurasian and that i loved working with her unique features and look.

Kadie was a kind of girls that truly surprised me after i put the makeup on her! She’s a baker by trade and would not wear any makeup daily but wow just just a little bit of makeup on those blue eyes and porcelain skin and wow do her eyes ever pop! I kept commenting how she looked like a doll w/ her big blue eyes lol!

Katie and her entire group were so awesome to work with! I knew I had to get pictures from Katie b/c I not only loved the hair I crochet wig cap created for her but she’s so pretty and i loved her makeup too! Airbrush foundation was used. Photographer Jennifer Ballard

Really loved the soft pink eyes, lips and cheek combo for Kyla’s wedding. Really suited her complexion and elegance well.

Lori was another one that let me put a bit more makeup on her! You actually can tell within the photos when everything just seems to “pop” a bit more! Her and her entire group were so pretty! So many great pictures from this wedding. Renaissance Studios did a terrific job here! Airbrush foundation used.

Brazilian Straight Human Virgin Hair Stick TipMartha was so pretty! A natural beauty, so after all we kept the makeup natural too! Glowing cheek, soft pink lip and a neutral smokey eye! I loved the textured updo for her so much! Photo courtesy of Reid Lampshead

There probably is not a bride I was more happy w/ how the makeup turned out on than Melanie.Though the look is natural Melanie had a lot of skin concerns and issues within the type of acne, scarring, redness and dry patches.As someone who has/still does suffer from acne and other skin issues I understand the stress and confidence issues it can cause. I’m so happy I used to be in a position to create such a fantastic canvas for her so that her beautiful features and blue eyes may very well be the main target that day! Her wedding photographer – Yuki Noda actually said it was a few of the very best wedding makeup she had seen – Big compliment indeed! Airbrush foundation used!

After all I have to include my friend Sophia on the list! She’s gorgeous this was a simple one lol! Her brother kept saying how beautiful her makeup was all night! I took that as a huge compliment as he is within the fashion industry so he knows makeup! Photo courtesy of Diane at DNA Phtography. Airbrush Foundation used.

Okay well this wasn’t actually a wedding I did but it was for a mock wedding photo shoot. What was great about that is both I and the photographer understand the level of makeup necessary to create a superb photo so in fact I got to up it a bit more than a variety of my brides will let me do. The results are gorgeous and I actually love this copper/bronze/brown smokey eye! Airbrush foundation used. Photos courtesy of Lisa Mark Photography

Tammy was such a pleasure to work with! We did a soft grey smokey eye and with quite a lot of Asian brides less is more and the real drama comes from the lashes and creating a pleasant brow to shape the attention.

crochet wig cap

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