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Some Interesting Sorts of Confetti Cannons

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Basically a confetti cannon is a pressure driven device for throwing out streams of confetti and/or streamers that can operate with batteries or with electricity. For the occasional party, simple devices like hand-helds and single barrel models are sufficient. There are other models which address the requirements of celebrations involving curling for short hair larger areas and more people. You may have the continuous fountains, the dual purpose dual barrel cannons, the confetti boomers and the triple barrel models

Continuous fountains can spew out confetti for as long as needed. Dance floors and band concerts shall be greatly enhanced by this device. Besides complementing the rhythm of music, fountain cannons are perfect for marking the high points of a celebration. They could possibly be fired when the bride and groom enter the marriage reception hall or when a debutant descends the stairs from her bedroom to greet her guests. Any grand entrance will be appropriately embellished by this gadget.

The safer models are also manually operated, the confetti is fed into the machine at a set amount for a time frame. For example, the machine may require 1 lb of confetti per minute for a certain density of confetti. The operator can adjust the density of the spray by reducing or adding to the amount that he inserts into the machines.

It is a double-barrel cannon which could also be fitted with one confetti barrel and a second streamer barrel. Many confetti cannon barrels are designed exclusively for confetti or streamers. So on the dual-barrel cannon, there must be one barrel each for the paper particles and the streamers. Having two of these gadgets will suffice for medium sized to slightly large parties.

These cannons offer the utmost in flexibility regarding the proportion of paper bits and streamers to each other. You might choose to devote all three barrels to paper particles and glitters or to streamers. Aside from that, you could have more choices.

Each barrel can be fired alone or simultaneously with the others. If consecutively fired over short intervals, the gadget can produce a constant spray of confetti on the realm targeted. For this purpose, two operators could also be required (if the interval is just too short). One operator fires the instrument while the opposite loads it up.

With barrels that flare out like a fireplace-extinguisher’s, these devices are great for spreading a huge amount of confetti over a wide area. These will even be great for team celebrations or for filling large area with glitters. They’ll fire as far as 25 meters and are guaranteed to inundate that area with confetti and streamers. They are also easily loaded and fired again.

As you possibly can very well see, there are lots of options for people who have an interest to purchase special confetti cannons.

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