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I’ve noticed that numerous my clients have major issues maintaining their weave or their hair extensions after it has been put in by a stylist. The hair looks amazing originally when put in, but in terms of a couple of weeks after it looks like birds have nested of their hair. LOL So I have come up with a 10 step guide with some simple steps, hints and solutions to maintaining your weave at home to give you that salon finished look from the comfort of your individual home every time.

4Pcs/pack Virgin Indian Curly Weave Hair Bundles Deals Human Hair Natural ColorStep 1: Using heat on your hair
Most people will use some type of heat to style their hair. Whether it’s a curling tongs, straighteners, hair dryer or any other heating utensil. It is crucial when using these heating appliances that you just always use a heat protective spray or cream before applying any type of heat to your hair. I personally prefer heat protective sprays as they are much lighter than the creams and that i find that with the creams it weighs down the hair and could be quite sticky. With the heat protective spray, it’s essential spray this evenly through your hair before styling, make sure that not just the highest of the hair is sprayed, but all through the layers. I usually let the spray set for a couple of minutes before using any heating appliances on the hair, I find the spray more effective this fashion. Also if using the heat protective cream it’s important to make use of only a minimal amount of the cream, rub it between the palm of your hands and distribute it throughout the hair again leave it to set on the hair for a curly hair male couple of minutes before using any heat appliances. Using the heat protection spray or cream is important as heat from the appliances burn the hair and using the spray can make your weave or hair extensions last lots longer, and prevent shedding of the hair. Buy your heat protective spray or cream out of your Kolours stylist now.

Always using heat protective spray or cream on your weave or hair extensions before using any heat appliances

Step 2: Straightening your hair or curling your hair
When straightening your hair it is vital if you need your hair to be straightened properly to straighten it in small sections the smaller the sections the straighter your hair will likely be. When straightening start from the nape of the neck (the back) and work your way up the hair. Always make it possible for the section of the hair that you’re straightening has some heat protective spray or cream distributed on it. Once each strand is straightened use a fine tooth comb or brush to go over it, to make sure flatness. The key with straightening your hair is that the smaller the sections the straighter the hair will likely be. If you don’t want your hair very flat then take larger sections. While you straighten your hair it should take your time approximately 1 hour, to do a very good job. I suggest straightening intensely once a week after which for each day to day straightening spending 5 – 10 minutes daily. For people who’ve curly hair, you should utilize curling tongs to curl the hair. It is necessary again to make use of heat protective spray or cream on the hair before tonging, this will also help to take care of the curls. For long lasting curls spray a light layer of hair spray after tonging. Also an alternate if you do not wish to be applying excessive heat to the hair is the usage of bendy rollers. These are quite good in case your are pushed for time. For excessively curly hair extensions, back comb the hair to take care of the curls and volume of the hair, and use hair spray to set the curls. Ask your Kolours hair stylist about advice on bendy rollers, curling tongs or straighteners.

When straightening your hair the smaller the sections the straighter and flatter the hair might be. For excessively curly hair back comb and spray with hair spray.

Step 3: Using hair serum or polisher
I see numerous girls over use hair serum (or polisher) on their weaves or hair extensions. This needs to be used in moderation and i suggest not using it more than twice per week. It must be a pea size amount when using and usually use after straightening or using heat appliances in your hair. Use a straightener to seal in the hair serum or polisher after distributing through the hair. I’d advise to not over use the hair serum, as it attracts dirt particles and the more you employ the quicker your hair will become dirty, stiff and greasy. Ask your Kolours stylist on advice about purchasing hair serum or polisher.

Use hair serum at a maximum twice per week and only use a pea sized amount.
Step 4: Washing your weave
It will be important to clean your weave at least once every 2 weeks and a maximum of once every week. Washing the hair gets rid of products and grease and ensures the hair maintains a healthy shine and bounce. Always brush hair before washing and eliminate any knots and tangles. Wash hair with a gentle shampoo and attempt to avoid using harsh hair shampoos because it strips the hair of the cuticles and makes the hair become dry and brittle. Using Keratin based products will replenish the hair of any lost hair nutrients. Wash and condition in a downwards motion to forestall tangling and knotting of the hair. Follow this shampooing with a conditioner, distribute the conditioner on the hair and comb with a wide tooth comb, leave the conditioner on for a couple of minutes and then wash off. For intensive conditioning of hair, again comb the conditioner through the hair and leave the conditioner on for 40 – 50 minutes, cover with a shower cap, then wash off. The longer the conditioner is left on the softer and more manageable the hair will probably be. An extra step that may be taken after conditioning the hair is the use of a leave in conditioner, this may increase the shine and bounce of the hair. Try not to use an excessive amount of leave in conditioner as it would weigh down the hair extensions and make it become heavy and greasy, but this is optional and never essential. For people who find themselves stressed for time to clean their hair a convenient option is using a dry shampoo, this can be sprayed on the hair and refreshes the hair, aswell as making the weave and hair extensions smell nice, as they are usually scented. Ask your Kolours stylist on advice on weave or hair extension friendly hair shampoos and conditioners or dry hair shampoo.

When washing weave wash in a downwards motion with hair shampoo, follow this with a conditioner after which finally with a leave in conditioner. The longer the conditioner is left within the softer, smoother and shiner the hair.

Step 5: Blow drying your weave
Try to avoid using a blow dryer in your weave, because it pulls out the hair from the wefts and increases shedding. If possible let the hair dry naturally, this could usually take anything from 2 hours to a day depending on the temperature of the room. It will prevent shedding and minimise hair loss. If blow drying does need to be used be certain that you use a heat protective spray or cream before applying any heat. Part blow dry the hair and let the rest dry naturally. The longest part of drying your weave is the cane rows on the underside which take a very long time to dry. It is crucial the hair and cane rows are bone dry before trying to style with straighteners or curling irons, if it isn’t and you try and magnificence it damp the hair will become frizzy after a few hours and the hair style won’t hold. Also never sleep with damp hair, so if you’re going to scrub your weave try doing it in the morning. Sleeping with damp hair will cause the hair to tangle and never dry properly.

Try to avoid blow drying you hair let hair dry naturally and ensure hair and cane rows are bone dry before further styling.

Step 6: Brushing your weave
When brushing your weave it is very important guantee that you do not pull at your hair. Ensure you start at the ends and work your option to the roots to minimise shedding and tangling. Brush out any knots ad tangles in the hair. Do not use a comb to brush hair as it’ll pull out the hair from the wefts. Be sure you brush the hair everyday in the morning and before you go to bed, this can maintain the hair and prevent tangling, knots ad matting. Ask your Kolours stylist on purchasing specialist hair extension brushes.

Always brush hair from the nape of the neck and gently brush out any tangles and knots
Step 7: Sleeping together with your weave
It will be significant that before going to bed you brush your hair. After brushing there are two options you should use to take care of your weave. The first is use a silk scarf to wrap your hair. This helps maintain the cuticles on the hair, thus maintaining the weaves shine. If you cannot obtain a silk scarf or your find it troublesome wrapping your hair every night, try sleeping on a silk pillow case as this does the same job. Avoid cotton or nylon pillow cases as this causes the hair to tangle, and matt and increases shedding of the extensions. The second option if you can not obtain a silk scarf or wouldn’t have access to at least one is to braid the hair. You can plait the hair into two pigtail braids or one single braid. The primary option is preferable as it make the weave last for much longer and reduces the quantity of styling you need on the hair. Also another important note is to be sure you wash the silk scarf or pillow case not less than once a week, together with if you wash your hair. This fashion it does not make the hair greasy and keeps washed hair clean. Ask your Kolours stylist on purchasing a silk scarf for wrapping your hair.

Use a silk scarf or pillow when sleeping to keep up hair style and shine
Step 8: Afro-Caribbean hair products
Numerous girls appear to be using Afro – Caribbean hair products on their weaves. This is a giant no no. Avoid using pink oil, olive oil hair sheen or any Afro-Caribbean hair products in your weave or hair extensions. These hair products are designed for Afro-Caribbean hair that are usually dry and brittle and have a heavy oil base in an effort to reinstate the natural oils to Afro-Caribbean hair. When used on weaves they cause the hair to become stiff and greasy, causing the weave to draw more dirt particles quicker and more easily. Try to make use of hair products used on Caucasian hair as that is the character of hair extensions used in your weave. These products are non greasy and help to take care of the hairs shine and bounce. Ask you Kolours stylist on purchasing styling products on your weave or hair extensions.

Avoid using Afro-Caribbean hair products on weaves, use products aimed towards Caucasian hair
Step 9: Blending natural hair
Again another problem that girls find with maintaining there weave at home is blending the natural hair with the extensions. You will need to make the weave look as natural as possible so straighten any natural hair disregarded of the weave, every time your are styling the hair. Also using a fine toothed comb aswell as a paddle brush which will help to blend the natural hair with the hair extensions. Also you should utilize a light wax on the natural hair, this might help with any fly aways on the hair and also assist in blending your natural hair with the extensions. Don’t just leave your natural hair out and never style it as over time there shall be a transparent difference between the natural hair and hair extensions. Ask your Kolours stylist on products for blending the hair extensions and the natural hair.

Try using a light wax and paddle brushes to assist blend your natural hair with the hair extensions.
Step 10: Synthetic hair styling
Lots of girls are using synthetic hair extensions for their weaves and I know that this may be very hard to take care of. A whole lot of synthetic weaves could be straightened or tonged, but you will need to check the packaging for the temperatures that can be utilized for the hair. An example is the Futura Fibre synthetic hair extensions which will be tonged and straigthened up to a temperature of 180 degrees, if styled above this heat the style is irreversible i.e. if curly and straightened above 180 degrees, the hair won’t return to curly. If your chosen synthetic hair cannot be heat styled ensure that your straighten your natural hair and blend in as described in step 9. Do not wash synthetic hair unless stated on packaging and try to avoid over use of products corresponding to serums. It can be crucial that you always brush synthetic hair as described above and wrap as night to maintain the hair as much as possible.

Check the packaging of the synthetic hair for heat styling instructions and always attempt to blend natural hair in with the extensions.

I hope that this guide has helped all you guys on the market that find it very difficult in maintaining you weave or hair extensions at home. And in case you follow this 10 step guideline your weave should always look healthy, shiny and bouncy.

curly hair male

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