cute last day of school hairstyles

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Caruso Molecular Hairsetter

Unprocessed Virgin Malaysian Loose Wave Hair 4pcs Wholesale Price Human Hair BundlesCaruso is an expert on creating long-lasting bouncy curls using the facility of steam. But gone are the days of getting so as to add salt to the Caruso system to steam-set your hair! Today’s Caruso Molecular Curlers offer a faster, user-friendly option for curling the hair with moisturizing steam. Just like the old famous Caruso steam system, the brand new Molecular Hairsetter continues to be acclaimed for its ability to set curls that last for days, without the use of harmful heat that could cause damage to the hair.

The Caruso offers many roller systems but none are more popular that the Caruso 30 Molecular Ion Steam Hairsetter #97958, which with 30 soft foam rollers in 5 assorted sizes. The rollers are placed on the steamer where they are infused with warm steam. Then, hair is wrapped across the roller and covered with a shield. For added curling power, the shield cute last day of school hairstyles can also be placed on the steamer while hair is being wrapped across the curler. The design of the roller and shield allows for even penetration of steam and adequate evaporation. As the steam penetrates the hair, the hair takes a curled shape that lasts longer than any other type of curling tool.

The perfect part about the Caruso Molecular Rollers is that the steam is definitely good for the hair, as it adds much needed moisture to improve the condition and look of hair with continued use. Not only do you get gorgeous volume and curls, but you’ll be able to actually do you hair a favor by using the Caruso system. Curls set in just 5 to 10 minutes and last for days. The system includes a styling guide to help you establish which sizes should be used to create your required hairstyle.

The Caruso Molecular Rollers are space-saving and fits easily on the counter top, as well as being easy to pack for travel. Whether its spiral curls or soft waves, the Caruso Molecular Hairsetter will give any hair type static-free, bouncy curls quickly and easily.

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cute last day of school hairstyles

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