Drive Pins In A Mechanical Seal

... Trunk and Danielle Ate The Sandwich in Winston-Salem, North CarolinaMechanical seal offers a sealing between a rotatable shaft and a housing. The seal has a stationary half for connection to the housing and a rotary half for rotation with the shaft. Mating sealing faces are carried by the stationary and rotary parts and the rotary elements are mounted on the drive shaft for rotation therewith. Every sealing face is held relatively stationary to their respective stationary or rotary part by means of a minimum of one link member extending therebetween. The link member is arranged for no less than limited longitudinal rotation.

A mechanical seal contains a “floating” element which is mounted axially movably across the rotary shaft of, for instance a pump and a “static” element which is axially fixed, sometimes being secured to a housing. The floating component has a flat annular finish face, i.e. its seal face, directed in direction of a complementary seal face of the static component. The floating element is urged in direction of the static part to close the seal faces collectively to kind a sliding face seal, usually by the use of a number of springs. In use, one of many floating and static elements rotates; this part is subsequently referred to as the rotary element. The opposite of the floating and static components doesn’t rotate and is referred to as the stationary element.

These seals whose floating component is rotary are described as rotary seals. If the floating part is stationary, the seal is known as a stationary seal.

If the sliding seal between the rotary and stationary elements are assembled and pre-set previous to despatch from the mechanical seal manufacturing premises, the business terminology for that is “cartridge seal”. If however the rotary and stationary elements are despatched individually (unassembled) from the mechanical seal manufacturing premises, the industry terminology for this is “part seal”.

Seal faces are usually held to their related stationary or rotary parts by a mechanism that is called drive ring. One of the frequent mechanisms is using slots on the back of seal face and lugs on the drive ring or vice versa. FIG. 1 reveals four slots on the seal face and four lugs on the drive ring. FIG. 2 shows two lugs on the seal face and two lugs on the drive ring. Rotation will be transferred from the seal faces to the drive ring at rotary faces or vice versa on the stationary faces.

Seal faces are mainly provided from varied grades of silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, ceramics and carbon. Carbon is categorised as a delicate face.

The contact between the slots and lugs is mainly point contact. Beneath point contact, delicate or brittle seal faces are more susceptible to failure than arduous faces, especially in excessive stress and enormous seal measurement purposes. The failure might begin by notch propagation around the contact point which gradually grows till it destroys the seal face.

Instead of having lugs on the drive ring, some designs employ drive pins which can be pressed firmly into holes in the drive ring. These pins cannot transfer or rotate from their location. FIG. Three-2 illustrates using two pins to drive a lug on the seal face when the seal rotates either in clockwise or counter-clockwise route. If the mechanical seal is designed to only rotate in a single route, one pin can be used for each lug. Alternatively, the pin could also be sq., cylindrical or some other form

The pin’s head could have different shapes which are related to the contact space at the slot. FIG. 6 illustrates a unique form for the pinnacle of the floating pin illustrates a special contact area between the floating pin and its relevant slot.

The kind of drive might be switched for rotary and stationary faces in response to utility. Equally, some items of equipment comparable to shaft and pin in FIG. 8 could also be stationary and the opposite pin could also be rotary. It needs to be understood that the invention could also be used with metallic elements as well as nonmetallic elements.

Relying upon the appliance of the seal, a floating pin of the current invention could also be located at any place or angle relative to the seal faces.It must be understood that the invention may be employed for both rotary or stationary seals and single or double mechanical seal, whether or not designed in a cartridge or component seal format. Writer Box Lucy has 12469 articles online and 12 fans

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