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In case you Suffer From Dry, Brittle Hair, Suffer No More!

Are you affected by extremely dry brittle feeling hair no matter what you employ on your hair Well many moisturizers actually do the exact opposite of what they say they may do. Instead of leaving your hair soft, manageable, healthy and quenched; it leaves it brittle, tangled, damaged and dry. One of the explanations for this is the ingredients in them. Mineral oil, parrafin gel, and petrolatum together with some alcohols and other toxic ingredients may not only cause drying to the hair, but an irritated scalp, dandruff, stunted hair growth and other adverse affects.

Natural products are always BEST, but even sometimes when using them, your hair may not feel as moisturized as you would expect. The essence of Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil and other butters and oils are the healing and moisturizing properties they provide. So, why does not your hair feel like a giant old fluffy cloud Well, just as you must know what to use in your hair, you also need to know how to make use of it to receive the full benefits of those ingredients.

Simply because you may have a relaxer does not mean you cannot use natural products. Actually, they’ll make an incredible difference due to the healing properties of many of the ingredients that can benefit an irritated scalp or lend moisture to the hair that’s stripped throughout the chemical process.

Affordable Best Brazilian Tape In Remy Human Hair ExtensionsNow, here’s a fast list of habits to choose up or steer clear of in order to obtain a healthy moisture level.

o Damaged ends can cause the hair to feel “crunchy” or straw like and no matter how much moisturizer you use; it should still feel dry and brittle. The best thing for that is to trim the ends, unless the feeling does not bother you.

o Also; be mindful of Sodium Lauryl /Laureth Sulfate in your shampoo; this is strips the hair of all of its moisture and customarily leaves it feeling hard and dry to the touch.

o Use a moisturizing shampoo followed up with a MOISTURIZING deep conditioner; sometimes just plain deep conditioners contain numerous protein; which can cause drying as well if the hair is not heavily moisturized afterwards.

o When washing your hair, do not use hot water. Instead, use cool water and right before taking the top from under the water, do a flash cold rinse; yes your scalp will likely be in shock; but it is good for it.

o For those that use a blow dryer; apply your moisture before using the blow dryer. It will allow the moisturizer to penetrate the hair because the heat opens up the hair shafts. In case you wait until after the hair is dry; the moisturizer will only sit on the skin of the hair.

o If in case you have a relaxer or for those who plan to use any heat on your hair; never blow dry the hair completely before flat-ironing it or curling it. Leaving a little bit of moisture behind will lock the moisture right in. This is very great when wearing a wrap. This moisture can sustain for per week or more without having to replenish it a lot, which can cause the wrap to look oily and weighed down.

o Contrary to popular belief; don’t “grease” the scalp. The scalp ellen cat video has a layer of sebum, which is our natural moisturizing mechanism and the hair will automatically receive this nourishing moisture. (harsh chemicals similar to those list above can actually not only strip sebum, but alter the effectiveness of the way it moisturizes)

o Moisturize the hair on a regular basis. There’s no have to pile it on, but something every other day; or like me, daily.

o Keep the hair covered during extreme cold or extreme prolonged exposure to the sun
o Wash the hair often. Water IS moisture. Even if you do not use shampoo every time, feel free to run the hair under the shower head for a quick second, just to get 100% pure moisture.

ellen cat video

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