freetress water wave crochet braids

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Jessica Jean Myers

Having a social media presence and being online and in contact w/ various social media platforms is a really important aspect of every freelancers career today (whether or not they want to admit it or not). For numerous us self-employed freelancers this may be a really daunting and difficult a part of our business.

It is hard to figure out what social media platforms are best for you. Tips on how to best utilize them for your online business. Sometimes we become resentful and overwhelmed by the fact that it seems we “have to be online” with a purpose to see our careers grow and get new clients. Plus we have already got so many other priorities and tasks to do w/ our business it’s frustrating to feel like we’ve to add another thing on to the list…plus it is one which we need to nurture and keep up w/ constantly if we wish it to work!

A number of wks ago I had the pleasure of doing headshot hair and makeup for a digital marketing expert Wahida Lakhani who has just branched out on her own w/ her start up Digitial In the city! Her main focus is to help freelancers and self-employed business owners study digital marketing and develop strategies for achievement that best fit their business!

After learning a bit about her company while doing her hair and makeup I assumed this could definitely be of interest to myself (as I’d never claim to be a digital marketing pro) as well as many others which can be in a similar field or work lifestyle as myself.

Brazilian Straight I Tip Human Hair ExtensionsRight now she has a 1 Day to Social Media Pro Class that is definitely worth trying out! I’m sure there can be more classes announced shortly! Also just an FYI any reader of mine who signs up for a class can use the Discount Code – ILOVEDIGITALINTHECITY and get $10 off your class (even the early bird price)…which is an awesome deal! Personally I believe the cost of the classes is an incredible deal even without the code!

As anyone who knows me knows I believe it is Very important freetress water wave crochet braids to constantly keep learning and developing your skills for your enterprise. As a freelance makeup/hair artist that does not always mean makeup or hair classes…sometimes it’s about marketing or other things that affect a business. So definitely worth trying out if you’re looking to master social media platforms and have them work for your enterprise!

freetress water wave crochet braids

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