Brautfrisuren seitlich gestecktAnother month passes This month can be further special as it the Queen diamond jubilee celebration and the Olympic torch continues to tour the size and breadth of the UK. I’e made a french braid quilt to indicate you this month. I became carried away as a result of the braids were so easy to make and I’e ended up with a quilt measuring 78by 114 It is sort of easy to alter the measurements, although, by utilizing fewer fabrics in every braid or by using fewer braids.

A variety of eleven fabrics for the french braid quilt


There isn’t a set measurement for the strips making up a french braid quilt and I’ve chosen to make use of strips 2.1/2by 9.1/2 That is mainly because s.1/2is a straightforward width to work with and you can lower four 9.1/2strips from each size with out an excessive amount of waste. I’ve used eleven completely different fabrics, ranging from almost white via yellows and browns to a darkish purple. For the sixteen braids that I made, the fabric necessities are 19of each of those fabrics with three.1/4 yards of the black floral fabric (identified as the accent fabric).

Making the french braid quilt

Chopping the french braids

One braid with a sq. of accent fabric

I’ve reduce two 9.1/2strips of every braid fabric. One of those is minimize at 2.1/2intervals to give 2.1/2by 9.1/2strips. Sew a 2.1/2strip of accent fabric across the highest of the other 9.1/2panel of braid fabric and reduce this at 2.1/2intervals to offer 2.1/2by eleven.1/2strips which embrace a sq. at the top. Do that for all eleven braid fabrics.

Minimize beginning triangles

Sew the left hand strip to the triangle first

Each french braid begins with a beginning triangle to anchor the first braids. I’ve made mine from 14.1/2squares of the accent fabric lower across each diagonals to present four triangles. Start by sewing one 9.1/2braid fabric to the left hand edge of the triangle and then sew an eleven.1/2strip of braid fabric plus sq. to the right hand side of the triangle. Make sure that you have all the braid fabrics sorted into increasing or lowering color so that you employ them in the same order for every braid.

Continue adding strips to the french braid

Continue sewing strips to the left after which the correct of the braid. Match the fabric strips from the centre every time as you may see the other ends of the strips form a type of zigzag that shall be trimmed later, so that you can begin the seam there.

Ending triangles for the french braids

Use ending triangles to finish the french braids

Make sixteen of those french braids, eight of them beginning with the light fabric and moving in the direction of darkish and the opposite eight beginning with the darkish fabric moving in the direction of the sunshine. At the top of every braid you have to two ending triangles to square off the end of the braid. These are made by slicing 7.3/4squares of the accent fabric in half and sewing one triangle to each facet of the highest of the braid.

Line up your ruler edge with the centre of the braid

Mark a line at the opposite edge of the ruler

The sides of the french braids now need squaring up. My ruler is 6extensive which proved to be good for this french braid quilt. Place your ruler in order that one edge is lined up alongside the center of the squares on the centre of the braid.

Cut the sides of the braid

Mark a line alongside the opposite edge of the ruler to give you a chopping line. Transfer the ruler to the opposite side so that it has one edge within the center and one edge on the precise aspect of the french braid. Mark another slicing line. Minimize along both these strains to offer straight sides to the braids.

Assembling the french braid quilt

One structure for the french braids

My most popular option for the french braids

The french braids at this stage are just below 20lengthy. They should be sewn together in pairs to make eight full length braids. I tried the left hand possibility with crimson and yellow on opposite sides of the central sq. but decided that I most popular the right hand possibility with each central square surrounded by one colour.

Sew sashing strips to the braids

Reduce eighteen 2.1/2strips of the accent fabric and sew them collectively in pairs to make nine long lengths. Sew one length alongside the fitting edge of each french braid after which sew the braids together so that there is a sashing strip between each braid.

Alternate the colours at the centre of the braids

Alternate the braids so that you have one with a yellow center then one with a pink middle and so on. The primary braid will then need a sashing strip on its left hand facet in order that the braids are all enclosed by sashing. There’s enough accent fabric at the highest and the underside of the french braid quilts so a sashing strip at prime and backside isn required.

That the french braid quilt top complete. What has actually happy me about this french braid quilt is that the fabrics had been chosen from my stash somewhat than purchased specially to provide the rise in colour from light to dark and but it nonetheless seems really eyecatching. The quilt top can now be layered, quilted and certain.

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