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3 Ways To Style Your Hair When You don’t have Time To Blow-Dry

Now that the the times are shorter and the nights longer, we can’t seem to muster up enough energy each morning to blow dry our hair. Our quick fix for damp locks are sloppy top knots or messy buns, but these looks become boring fast. Plus, the products we do manage to slather on only seem to make matters worst.

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When you wake up the next day, Perez believes removing the correct quantity of moisture can be important. “Too dry hair would make products like leave-in conditioner weigh the hair down and take longer to air dry,” he says. “Mousse and gels are likely to crunch when dried. Try using a curling cream, but don’t apply directly on the scalp. Those kinds of creams are oil-based so mixing that together with your natural oils would make your hair greasy. Instead, apply mid-shaft to ends where it is needed.”

Once you’ve got got your locks all prepped, then you’re ready to start the styling process. Below are three wet hairstyle options from Perez that you can do in under 10 minutes.

Wet hairstyle glitter hair extensions option #1: A fishtail braid
Making a loose, fishtail will allow the braid to dry faster due to its looseness and still give it some nice waves once dried and shaken out.

Wet hairstyle option #2: The French twist
This updo hairstyle works especially well with naturally wavy and curly hair textures. All you need are a number of hair pins to secure your twist. And it may be taken down at night for a tousled waves look.

Wet hairstyle option #3: Slicked-back strands
This style is big on the runway and for the bold ones! Rough dry hair with a towel and apply gel on hair (not pass the ears). Using a boar bristle brush, slick strands back and smooth down the sides.

More hair inspiration when blow-drying shouldn’t be an option:

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