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What To Know about Cavalier King Puppies

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the small breeds of dogs in existence today. It is usually classified as a toy dog by the AKC. The breed owes its origin to the United Kingdom, but it has become very popular in several countries today. It’s currently rated by the AKC because the 18th hottest dog breed within the United States. The increased popularity of the breed makes it easier to search out puppies when in the hunt for them. There are lots of breeders who concentrate on breading cavalier king puppies for purchase by the public.

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Throughout history, members of this breed have been considered go go girl hair to be lap dogs. Adults which are full grown compared in size with adolescents of larger breeds of Spaniel breeds. Fully grown adults rise to the height of 1 foot or slightly more, while the weight category lies between 4 to 8 kilograms. Traditionally, cavaliers should not have their tails docked. Those that have curly hair are considered as straying from breed standards.

go go girl hair

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