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White Male Privilege Is Why We Laugh At Lochte And Vilify Douglas

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<p>Who’s, who’s just 20 years old, failed to put her hand on her heart throughout the national anthem, and did not style her hair and/or face to each individual’s liking. For those “crimes,” <strong>gwyneth hair</strong> she was widely criticized for being “disprespectful,” “unpatriotic” and “un-American,” and called words that we’d rather not repeat on this piece. Lochte and friends reportedly defiled a gas station restroom, fought with a security officer, lied to national news sources, and should have filed a false police report. And the four of them get to be framed as talented “kids” (reminder: Lochte is 32) having one debaucherous night of fun.</p>
<p><strong>gwyneth hair</strong></p>
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