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How you can Braid Hair

Something I like not having to scrub my hair for three days. Something I don’t like looking like I haven’t washed my hair in three days. Which is why having some quick styles for greasy hair readily available can be helpful. When hair gets oily, it may be hard to simply wear it down without it looking limp and, well, greasy. But not only does styling greasy hair help hide the fact that it is perhaps time for a wash, but greasy hair can actually hold styles better than freshly washed locks.

So the most effective time to rock that top knot or fishtail braid is usually on second or third-day hair. And all you will need are just a few key products to help get you there. With regards to taming greasy strands, all you need in your kit are: Dry shampoo, a texturizing or sculpting spray, a hair tie (that one around your wrist will do), a number of bobby pins, and some hairspray. Then, you’ll be hair color for chocolate skin tone able to easily master any and all of those 10 hairstyles. Plus, besides being quick and straightforward, these styles are so cute that nobody will even notice your hair is greasy. Trust me.

Greasy Hair Kit
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1. High Ponytail
An oldie but a 3 Bundles Of Quality Virgin Straight Hair Weave 100% Real Human Hair Bundles goodie. A ponytail is a fast fix to a greasy hair situation. Just use some dry shampoo to absorb a number of the oil and add a little bit volume.

2. Messy Top Knot
For the frequent shampoo-skipper, a top knot is a repertoire necessity. Slightly texturizing or sculpting spray will help hold that messy look (and spritzing slightly on your bobby pins will help them grip better too).

3. Tuck and Roll
Headbands are a greasy-haired girl’s best friend. They hide among the oil on top, and help keep hair on the underside out of the best way. It is a win-win.

4. French Braid

I Tip Peruvian Straight Human Virgin Hair

This classic braid will get all of that greasy hair out of your face. And tugging on the braid to loosen it somewhat will give some volume to make your hair look fresh again.

hair color for chocolate skin tone

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