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Control Red Spider On The Roses

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It’s time to dry everlastings, bells of hair color for cool skin tones Ireland and celosias for winter arrangements. Cut the flowers when dry, tie in bunches of not over five stems and hang in a dry, airy attic away from the sunshine (in strong light the colors will fade).

Feeding the Lawn and Hydrangeas
Give the established lawn a feeding early in August. Be sure you soak the soil well after the applying, so the lawn is not going to burn. Feed peegee hydrangeas liberally now to extend the size of the flower heads.

Controlling Red Spider
If evergreens or roses suddenly take on a rusty appearance, red spider mites could be the culprits. The easy way to spot them is to shake the branches over a white paper after which examine the paper for very tiny, moving red dots. Red spider mites are very difficult to see on the dark green foliage. For control, spray with Neem oil (organic natural) or malathion.

Chores in the Eating Garden
There continues to be time to sow lettuce, radishes, snap beans and turnips for late fall crops. Blanch celery in case you prefer it yellow, but do not forget that the green PASCAL celery would not need blanching. Remove canes of raspberries that have fruited, being careful to not injure the brand new young canes which will produce next year’s crop.

Any spots within the vegetable garden that become vacant should be seeded with winter rye. It should keep out weeds, use up excess fertilizer in the soil and produce humus for next year’s garden.

Sowing Pansies and Delphiniums
That is the time to sow pansies and fresh delphinium seed. Be sure you sow the delphinium in the coolest spot available, for it germinates best at a cool 60°. Watering the seed bed with cold water will help to maintain the soil temperature down.

Caring for Dahlias and Chrysanthemums
Disbud dahlias and dracaena houseplant for bigger individual blooms and keep feeding them with a low nitrogen fertilizer. However, to supply the massive show blooms, use a balanced commercial fertilizer reminiscent of 6126. Keep watering hardy chrysanthemums so the stems won’t get woody. Stems which might be very woody always flower poorly. An application of fertilizer will improve the scale of blooms.

Keeping soil moist under a mulch…. Inspect the soil under summer mulches, for often it’ll dry out completely showing no signs until the plants suddenly wilt. Water the soil liberally in early morning.

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hair color for cool skin tones

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