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What is So Unique About Remy Hair

Unprocessed 3 Bundles Virgin Brazilian Curly Weave Human Hair Bundles DealsRemy hair is way wanted nowadays in spite of its heavy price tag and is way in demand especially by the celebrities and the socialites who’re extremely conscious of their looks and wish to remain updated on the current trends always in the fashion and glamour world.

Hairs used for hair extensions, wigs, switches, hair weaves and other hairstyling accessories are broadly of two types, one is synthetic man made fibers that resemble hair but don’t look as natural as real hair would.

The opposite type of hairs used for this purpose is real human hair, which is procured from humans and closely resembles original hair and one just cannot tell the difference in these types of extensions.

Human hair is procured from people mostly of Asian origin and especially from China and India. In India women grow their hair long and seldom cut it or use chemicals for getting their hairs dyed or permed. These women especially residing in the rural areas use herbal products for oiling or washing their hairs, which is a safe method for hair new fashion treating hairs.

These women several times make a vow to their local deity to sacrifice their hair for the fulfillment of a wish. These long tresses are usually given off at temple complexes that collect them, segregate and clean them and auction them off.

Since Indian women’s hair has not been exposed to chemicals previously this hair is termed virgin and is pure and strong. The prime quality of hairs make them much wanted.

Coming to the term Remy, it means hairs which were cut ensuring that the cuticles of the hairs are kept intact. When cuticles are kept safe the hairs are aligned in one direction only and this makes them appear to be an individual’s original hair.

Since the cuticles are intact they assist to keep the moisture of the hair intact and this makes the hair glow with a lovely luster. That is the explanation why Remy hairs are much in demand and sell for a really high price.

Most Indians are endowed with bountiful and healthy hairs, that are also virgin, and individuals who cut the hairs ensure they retain the cuticles and hence give these hairs the unique Remy feature.

Remy hairs are speculated to be essentially the most expensive of all hairs and people who know the worth of one of these hairs do not hesitate to pay any price to get any such hair for his or her hair extensions, wigs or for any other such purpose.

It is essential to ensure that you are sourcing one of these hair from a reliable dealer, you might easily get cheated, so do your research before purchasing them and most often you can locate genuine dealers of Remy hair on the internet and you’ll refer the reviews left there by the previous and satisfied customers.

hair new fashion

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