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Jessica Jean Myers

As Spring is FINALLY here and I’m officially full force into wedding season I thought it is likely to be fun to share w/ you all a collection of some of my weddings from the Winter mths. Individuals who aren’t within the business always find it surprising how many weddings I actually do throughout the “off season”. Of course it’s not as busy because the Summer mths but I do still average about 3 weddings a mth even within the “off season”.

Loose Wave Brazilian Hair 4 Bundles Virgin Brazilian Human Hair WeaveSo this is a group of a few weddings and brides I had the pleasure of working w/ during these colder months!

I did this wedding right to start with of Nov. In fact it was suppose to be a kind of Gothic/Halloween type theme without it being “too Halloween” or “tacky”. The bride made the hair fascinators and bouquets herself! I loved the old hollywood glam look we created which I believed was perfect not only for her personality but in addition the whole look of the day!

Chelsea actually got married the day after Noeline. Definitely a change in style but that’s what I love about my job…attending to work w/ so many various people and different ideas for what they want on their wedding day! Chelsea had very long, straight hair so I used to be very happy to see how well the curls held for the side pony style!
Photographer Joanna Balcerak

Like Chelsea, Rebecca had very heavy, long, straight hair and one of the large concerns and worries with a Winter wedding is the wind and cold ruining the hair (unlike the Summer when the massive concern is the heat and humidity). I remember it was definitely a chilly, windy day in Dec. so I used to be so happy to see how well her hair held up and I love the added volume through the top that we selected the day which I think made it a bit more dramatic and bridal!

Anna and her husband Mark live in Japan (where they met) and were actually already married over there. They decided to do another wedding here for all the guests from Mark’s family that could not make it to the Japanese wedding. They got married on New Year’s Eve…I ponder which wedding they count as their “anniversary” lol! Certainly one of the largest compliments I got was when Mark emailed me after the wedding to tell me how thrilled Anna (and her mother) were w/ the hair and makeup they usually never thought they could find someone here in Canada (and I am sure not a white girl lol) that could do an updo w/ the Japanese aesthetic and elegance in mind (b/c it definitely is different than a number of Canadian styles).
Photographer Jessica Li

Carol is another example of the “typical” Jessica Jean Myers bridal client – clean, fresh and pretty! She wanted an updo that was type of like smooth ribbons to show off the attractive back of her dress. She got married in January and believe it or not my company actually had 2 weddings on this present day!
Photographer Tara McMullen

Kyla got married on a Sunday on the long weekend in February. She’s actually American so her and her then fiance wanted a weekend that was holiday honey blonde braiding hair weekend for both countries for all the guests coming in. It was a standard Jewish wedding so it had to be held on a Sunday. Kyla has a really girly aesthetic and I love the soft pink smokey eye I did and those lashes just look amazing on her. It was such a fun and relaxing afternoon w/ both her and her mother.

Can’t wait to see all the attractive pics from all my brides this upcoming season! It’ll be another busy one!

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honey blonde braiding hair

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