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So, without additional ado, here my underwear tutorial!

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A few months ago, I got about 1,000,000 tee shirts off the clearance rack at Wal-Mart for $1.00. Score!

I’e refashioned quite a lot of them, but I’ve additionally had my boys put on a few of them. I like cheap shirts, and if my kiddos smash their shirts, who cares?! It cost a greenback!
Moving right alongside, one day, Monkey told me that he needed to wear 渂ig boy undies.I didn have any underwear in his measurement, so I did what any cheapskate good mom would do; I whipped up a few pairs for him.
I began off by making a sample fromfreezer paper by utilizing a Onesie as a information.

Lower the Onesie where the waistband of the underwear can be:

Reduce the aspect seams and open it up.

Lay it on some freezer paper and trace it. Hint it a bit bigger for seam allowances.

Draw a curve where the snaps meet the front of the Onesie.

Cut out the sample. Cut out the pieces.

I was ready to cut 4 pieces at one time by folding the shirt in half. The only drawback with this is that the undies now stretch the unsuitable way I ought to have folded the shirt the opposite approach. Oh well/p>

Now you want to chop the waistband, the legs, and the faux fly from a contrasting fabric. I used four different colours of knit from my stash.

You’e going to have to measure your sample to find out the length of the pieces you l want. The waistband needs to be a little more than 2x longer than the highest (or bottom) of the undies.

The waistband I cut was three 1/2broad. The legs have been 1 1/2 and the fly items were 1 We’e going to fold all these pieces in half. That why they’e minimize wider. Transferring proper along/p>

Press all of the items in half lengthwise.
Now, take the waistband, unfold the pressed edge, line the sides up and sew them together. Fold the pressed edge back over. You must now have a circular waistband. The pressed edge is the highest of the waistband. See that seam? That what you just sewed.

Now, measure your victim waist and reduce some elastic the same size. Sew the ends together.

Wrap the waistband across the elastic.

Fold the waistband again over and sew the elastic into place on each sides of the seam.

Now, sew around the whole waistband as near the elastic as you’ll be able to.

Seize one among the primary underwear items and line up your aux flyon the front and sew it into place.

Why the aux flyyou might marvel? As a result of Monkey is 2, and won want the true fly until he is much older. That why! 😉
Next, take the leg items and line them up on the 渓egsof the undies with all of the raw edges collectively. The pressed edge of the leg lining is going to be the surface of the legs. Sew into place. Do that for each legs.

Serge the uncooked edges; or don. It knit, so it won fray.

Now, flip that serged or raw edge under and stitch excessive of it to hold it into place. You don need the legs of the undies flipping out the fallacious approach. Lengthen your stitch so it stretches higher.

Fold the undies in half with the suitable sides collectively. Be certain your side seams are lined up.

Home \/ 220 Gram Clip In Hair Extensions \/ 220g\/50cm Latte Blonde ...Sew the sides collectively and serge the raw edges. (Or don

Now take the waistband and decrease it inside the top of the undies with the uncooked edges lined up with the uncooked edge of the undies. Be sure your waistband seam is within the again of the undies.

Pin the waistband to the undies and sew into place. Serge or zig-zag the uncooked edges.

Flip the serged/zig-zagged edge down and stitch into place with a lengthened stitch.

nd you’e performed!

Now make as many pairs of toddler undies as you may!

4 pairs of toddler underwear for $1.00ot dangerous, eh?!

P.S. These could be straightforward to make for a lady, too. Just skip the aux flystep and use cute, girly fabric!

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