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Heres Why Youll Soon Have no Alternative But To make use of Publicity

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For many, many years I have been the #1 authority on how anyone can get publicity for their product, service, business, cause or issue. Through the years I’ve made some major predictions about the marketplace, the way forward for publicity and advertising, etc. I’ve got another one right now.

I predict – no I am certain – that you’ll soon don’t have any alternative but to make use of publicity to promote your corporation, product, service, etc. There are several reasons for this. I will go into one in every of them now. I am going to cover the others over the next few articles.

Like it or not, the US marketplace – and doubtless the entire global marketplace – is not driven by quality, experience, training, etc. It is driven by celebrity status. Here’s what I mean by that. For centuries, the marketplace was driven by qualifications. People would choose a professional or a vendor based on the training that person had, the number of years in business, prestigious awards they may have won, etc. So, in case you were choosing a physician, a Harvard educated doctor could be at or near the highest of the list. The person who had been in the plumbing business for 26 years got the nod over someone who only had 2 years in business. That has all but disappeared. Now, the economy is driven by celebrity status. Sad…but true. Want a clear example of this

What if the latest winner of the Nobel prize in physics was to seem at an area market to sign autographs. How many people would show up Right, his mother, his sister and his dog. Now, what if some second rate, has-been, blast-from-the-past TV actor showed as much as sign autographs. How many individuals would show up Right, be sure you have crowd control available. The lines of adoring persons are going to be long. Want another example

Suzanne Sommers is out spewing forth advice on health, medicine and nutrition. She played a large-breasted, dizzy blonde on how to curl long hair a TV show 25 years ago. What the heck makes her an authority on health, medicine and nutrition

Right… zip! But nevertheless, her books fly off the shelves while the books written by respected, Harvard educated physicians and their peers are relegated to the how to curl long hair remainder sale pile. A few of you might say that Suzanne’s books get better marketing, are written better, etc. I say nay, nay. I say they only have the celebrity status of Suzanne. This is driving highly qualified people crazy. People with celebrity status are given more respect, credibility and money than they are. But there is an answer, Publicity. As I discussed at the beginning of this article, I predict that soon you’ll haven’t any choice but to use publicity to market whatever it’s you must market.

The good news is that it may be pretty darned simple to put the power of publicity to be just right for you. In my talks across the country, in my ezine, in my hardcopy newsletter I’ve been harping for years about the facility the media has to make you an “instant celebrity”. Just the actual fact that you just were on radio, TV or in the newspaper or magazines, makes you an instant mini-celebrity. Do you doubt me Well, think about this… Let’s say you’re on TV on Friday night. On Saturday morning, you are out mowing your lawn. Your neighbor opens his door to get his morning newspaper. He sees you and says: “I saw you on TV last night. I didn’t know I was living next door to a…. celebrity!” Hmmm, so being within the media does make you a celebrity, doesn’t it

I’ve also spent years chastising people for not using publicity and struggling to make their businesses hair closure work. Why aren’t you using the media to make yourself the local celebrity chiropractor. Or real estate agent. Or tax preparer. Or mortgage consultant. Or carpenter. Or whatever field you are in. I don’t know why you’re not using publicity. I’ve shown you the ability it has dozens and dozens of times. Are you uncomfortable with the term “celebrity” That discomfort can cost you a bundle – and maybe even your small business or profession. But forget what I say. Look on the marketplace. Look at how much of the marketplace – maybe even your marketplace – is driven by celebrity power.

To heck with qualifications, training, education, experience. Anyone with celebrity power can bump you off in a brand new Jersey minute. (I do know the saying is actually New York minute, but New York gets enough attention.) So, it’s your choice. Watch your market being dominated by people with lesser credentials and qualifications than you, but more celebrity recognition than you. Or use publicity to get your individual celebrity status.

Keep in mind what I said earlier about celebrity status. You don’t must be known world wide, stopped everywhere you go for autographs and have screaming fans to be considered a star. You just should been seen in your local media to become an area celebrity.

Why do you think charities ask the weather man or the traffic girl from the tiny local radio station to host their fundraising event It is because the media has made them local celebrities. Would they even be recognized in the local market Heck no. But simply say: “Jeff Jones, the weather man from WCEL goes to emcee our charity auction” and you’ve got people’s interest. A number of of you may be whimpering that this just is not fair. When did anyone guarantee you fairness, Scooter It’s what it is. You’ll be able to resist it or you should use it to your benefit. The clock is ticking. The ability of celebrity status is growing within the marketplace. Are you in or are you out

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how to curl long hair

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