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Keratin Treatment At Home – Step

Keratin is how to curl your hair with volume a versatile and robust protein mostly found in the hair, skin, nails, and teeth. Within the beauty industry, keratin is primarily used to repair and restore broken and damaged hair, but it surely also offers a variety of other benefits comparable to:

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– adding moisture to the hair to make it smooth and soft
– eliminating curls and frizz
– reducing the time required to wash, dry and magnificence hair
– preventing grow-outs
– adding a dark shiny glow to the hair

While most individuals prefer getting keratin treatments at salons, keratin treatment at home is just as efficient if performed correctly.

Safety precautions
Before going onto a keratin treatment at home, it is best to be aware that there are particular health risks because of the ingredient used in lots of keratin supplements – formaldehyde. During keratin treatment, under high temperature of flat iron, this ingredient turns into gas. That is why you must make keratin treatment in a well-ventilated room, if you employ keratin supplement with this chemical. But it is best to make use of keratin supplement that doesn’t have formaldehyde, such as the one I’m linking to in the article.

To be safe while making your keratin treatment at home, you need to make use of gloves. Keep the product away from the skin, eyes and don’t inhale it.

You should avoid keratin treatment when you have psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis, or first check along with your dermatologist.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do it.
Keratin treatment at home – step by step:

For one treatment 1 – 2.3 ounce (30 – 70 ml) will be required, depending on the hair length.
For keratin treatment at home, you’ll need:

– the keratin supplement (this one is great)
– shampoo
– a towel
– a comb
– gloves
– blow dryer
– a hair flat iron.

With these in hand, you may proceed by:
1. Washing and rinsing the hair

The hair must be clean and soft before the treatment. As such, use the shampoo to rid it of dirt and other impurities by rubbing it into the hair and scalp after which rinsing.

For best results, it’s advisable that you just wash it at the least two times for people with straight hair and a minimum of yet another time for people with extremely curly hair.

Be sure that you don’t use a conditioner as this may compromise the whole process. Also, check to see that it’s thoroughly rinsed.

1. Applying keratin
Once the hair is clean and fresh, proceed to dry it using the towel. Ensure to depart some moisture, as it can help the keratin integrate easier and better. Ensure that you simply first shake the keratin thoroughly before application.

You may then proceed to use it on the hair, starting from the information of the strands going up to the scalp. Work the keratin into the hair by rubbing it in gently.

However, keratin shouldn’t by any chance get on the scalp and skin as it may be easily absorbed by the skin cells. Don’t apply it closer than 1 inch from the scalp.

1. Combing and blow drying
Keratin treatment at home doesn’t end here – you’ve got to offer the protein some time to seep into the hair strands.

To boost this, comb the hair strands gently and thoroughly, leaving the hair strands straight and smooth.

Leave the hair in this state and give it half an hour to set. After the half-hour of setting, use a round brush to blow-dry it until it is totally dry.

1. Ironing
This is an important part of the method as it helps lock the keratin into the hair seamlessly.

Using a flat iron, divide the hair into small sections and seal the keratin in by running the iron over the hair strands.

Be sure that the hair divisions are small and thin enough to make sure the heat from the iron is felt even.

1. Waiting
That’s the last phase of the treatment. Now all it’s a must to do is leave the hair in that condition for 48 hours. That is the time required to let the keratin seep into the hair and work its effects.

Several precautions needs to be taken here to avoid compromising the method. To start with, avoid getting the hair wet or else the keratin might be washed away.

Also, guantee that the hair is always straight. To this end, avoid pulling and tucking it behind the ears, forming a ponytail and even holding it together using hair beauty accessories.

1. Finalizing
Your hair is now ready to get a very new look and feel after the 48 hours of waiting. To attain this, shampoo and condition the hair thoroughly after which blow-dry.

At the top of the keratin treatment at home process, your hair should be smooth, shiny and straight, with a soft glow around it.

Keratin treatment lasts for 2 and a half to 3 months, but it isn’t recommended to repeate it that usually. Two or thrice a year must be maximum.

What keratin to buy
Keratin treatments are really expensive, especially if done in salons. Should you decide to do it yourself at home, and if you are aware of the precautions that should be made, then you’ll be able to have keratin treatment for a lot less money.

Keratin products for this treatment can cost up to hundreds of dollars, but there are good and efficient keratin products available for an affordable amount of money.

This one has a surprisingly good price for the quality it gives. It also has superb reviews on the internet.

Did you try keratin treatment at home How did it go

how to curl your hair with volume

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