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What To Know about African American Wigs

African American women are likely to wear wigs, hairpieces, and weaves much more than women of other races and ethnicity.

Body Wave Lace Closure With 4pcs Virgin Hair BundlesThere are two major reasons for this, first unlike other groups like Asians and Caucasians, people of African descent grow hair at a much slower rate, and their hair tends to be more kinky and curly than other races. The second reason is that wigs are quite a bit easier to take care of and style, they are easy to placed on and take off, they usually give you a variety of looks and textures to work with.

When searching for a wig online they are ordinarily separated into three groups human hair, synthetic, and monofilament. They’re then separated into categories by length; Short, Medium, and Long. Surprisingly the worth doesn’t vary much between the three lengths, though more hair is used in longer wigs.

The 2 major styles of African American wigs are Silky and Yaki. The difference between the two is texture. Silky is used more for long straight styles and even short straight styles; Yaki texture is a bit of more course and works well in styles with body and curl, especially spiral curl styles. Normally one can find both how to do messy hair buns hair textures in each of the length categories for African American wigs.

Wearing a stocking cap under your African American wigs will prevent your hair from straying through the mesh of the wig, it will even help your wig to last longer and need washing less often. To keep up your wig and keep it shiny there are a lot of sheen and oil spray products that are made exclusively for wigs and extensions. There are also products for washing your wigs to preserve the style and prevent the fiber from drying out and fraying, which will destroy your wig over time. Wash your wig as rarely as you possibly can. Do not use dryers or hot curlers on synthetic wigs. Author Box Earl Flournoy has 729 articles online

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how to do messy hair buns

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