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Beyonce’s Haircut: Let’s Calm Down It isn’t That Serious

Hair 4 Bundles Three Tone Ombre Straight Human Virgin Hair WeavingWhile Beyonce’s new pixie cut is headline news (pun intended) she is not the primary and definitely won’t be the last to rock the cutesy ‘do.

Yes, its a dramatic change for Mrs. Carter, who damn near walks around with a wind machine, however everyone knows a black girl loves to switch up her hair so we wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow the weave is back to flowing down her back.

“That’s the great thing about hair now,” celebrity hairstylist and owner of Styles New York Salon, Carla Gentry Osorio told The Huffington Post. “You don’t have to cut your hair to rock a short style, you possibly can kind of put a wig on if in case you how to get hair curly naturally have the right person doing it – and her hair stylist is amazing obviously.”

And the comparisons to Miley Cyrus are laughable. Lest we forget, Halle Berry has been rocking a pixie cut since she debuted it on the massive screen in “Strictly Business” back in 1991 – together with a slew of other legendary stars. (See Slideshow Below)

“The most asked for hairstyle in my history of doing hair is Halle Berry’s haircut,” added Osorio who’s styled for Jada Pinkett Smith and is about to fly out next week to style Kerry Washington on set for “Scandal.” “I still get people asking for that. When Janet was out it was her. Janet Jackson, Beyonce, those are the most asked for.“

Short, long, braided, straight, haven’t we learned anything from stars and their hairstyles Case in point, Rihanna changed her how to get hair curly naturally hair twice in the past two weeks. She went from long and grey tresses to a short curly ‘do. Before that, people were going crazy over Michelle Obama’s bangs and then for a hot second it was Tia Mowry’s short-lived pixie.

“I think black women, women of color are feeling more free with being able to change their hair. The old stigma of ‘I have a weave’ is sort of dying out.”

So, let’s all calm down a little. Women change their hair, and black women with the versatility of our hair textures can go from curly to straight and short to long within the blink of an eye fixed.

how to get hair curly naturally

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