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Transitioning one’s hair while expecting is a dilemma that so many black women face. For many people, it isn’t even a question of whether or not we will continue to relax our hair when pregnant. Going natural while pregnant is one of the best things you are able to do to your scalp, you hair, and in your unborn baby’s health.

Pregnancy is a time when many women are open to embracing a healthy diet and lifestyle, to protect and nurture their unborn baby while minimizing exposure to toxins. One of the commonest fears women that pregnant women face is the fear of exposing their baby to harmful chemicals and toxic substances. Unfortunately our beauty and hair care products contain a fair amount of these toxic ingredients, particularly our hair-straightening products.

Hair relaxers contain a cocktail of harsh chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin of your vulnerable scalp, so on your sake and baby’s, it’s best to err on the side of caution and whip your hair back and forth au natural throughout your pregnancy. Yes, different kinds of relaxers exist, but they all contain strong toxic substances, do not get it twisted, “no-lye” doesn’t mean no chemicals. The hair absorbs chemicals however the scalp passes them into the blood stream. What passes into the bloodstream can potentially pass through the blood-placental barrier to your baby. There has not been any conclusive research on the effects of repeat chemical exposure of this nature to mother and fetus, but just assume you are better off without the perm.

During pregnancy, the blood volume increases to guard and nourish the baby. On account of increased blood flow, pregnant women can become ultra sensitive to chemicals. Some women start feeling nauseous and experience headaches directly after using these hair treatments. Some doctors in addition to hair stylists discourage use of relaxers because they will not be effective on the hair during pregnancy. When a woman becomes pregnant often times the texture of the hair changes causing it to react differently to the chemicals, so it might not end up straight after all.

Sodium Hydroxide is a dangerous chemical used in lots of chemical relaxers and it yields long lasting effects. That is the present in drain cleaners- so it is clearly a potent and highly reactive substance. It is referred to as “lye” relaxer. The strength varies from a ph factor of 10 to 14, (our hair is around ph 4.5 when wet) With higher ph, the faster the straightening solution will take hold, however the more potential the damage- it forms an exothermic solution with water which means it heats up and may burn through anything in its path…and we willingly join this. As if that’s not enough some of these products contain formaldehyde, petroleum and coal tar! It is no wonder that these ingredients cause hormonal disruption and other problems.

One of many amazing benefits of pregnancy is that many women experience an abundance of hair growth. The hormones secreted during pregnancy boost your hair growth and make it stronger, healthier, and shiny. Why not ride the wave and let your hair be chemical free.

Listed below are my top 5 products for natural hair care which are safe for both mom and baby and can keep your tresses looking easy, breezy, and bountiful:

– Carol’s Daughter- Transitioning 1-2-3 The primary relaxer to natural hair care system. This is a three part system that will heal your scalp, protect and fortify damaged hair. Try the purifying adn gentle cleanser, scalp renewal spray and anti-breakage treatment, $40.00

– Nine Naturals- Essential oil-infused Organic Shampoo. Many shampoos on the market claim to enrich your hair and be “natural” but whenever you look at the ingredients, you are lucky if you possibly can pronounce one in every of them. Grace Lee of Nine Naturals started her line of shampoo, conditioners and body wash to help women make an easy switch towards green products. It is beauty without compromise, formulated specifically for pregnant women, and it is available in exotic scents like Mandarin & Ginger made with all-organic ingredients. You want a shampoo that’s freed from sulphates, phthalates, parabens and DEA. To perk up your hair, try the Nine how to have a wavy hair Naturals Citrus & Mint Shampoo,18.00

– Herb N Life-Royal Rinse- I do not trust some other shampoo in terms of my hair. This herbal shampoo leaves your hair silky smooth and contains neem oil, peppermint and rosemary essential oils, along with aloe, and is so fragrant. It is refreshing especially within the summertime. I have been using it for years, ever for the reason that creator would make it in her kitchen in Brooklyn. It is great for all hair textures. Royal Rinse,14.00

– Kinky Curly- KNOT Today- an incredible detangler how to have a wavy hair and styling product. Can be utilized as a regular rinse out conditioner for wavy hair or as a leave-in for thicker curlier hair types. A superb product to make use of after removing braids and extensions. Really conditions and maintains the integrity of your kinks and curls. It is aloe based so it is very healthy on your hair.12.00,

– B’cause It’s Mimi- Strengthening Hair Oil- A light, strengthening, growth promoting, natural hair serum. An organic blend of fresh herbs including Rosemary and Chamomile which promote hair growth and resilience, reducing breakage when used over time. Use daily for sheen.

how to have a wavy hair

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