How To Make A French Braid Quilt

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Have you ever ever sewn a French braid quilt or quilt block? Additionally called friendship braids, French braid quilts are sewn from fabric strips in a sample that gives the illusion of woven strands. This is a very lovely block that looks nice in prints or solids, and it’s also straightforward enough for inexperienced persons!

The block is assembled in very a lot the identical way that you’ll French braid an individual’s hair. The development can be much like a log cabin quilt pattern, in that you will be doing quite a lot of starting and stopping, urgent your block in between every strip. For that reason, it’s possible you’ll want to chain stitch three or 4 French braid rows at the same time, to avoid wasting a little bit of time spend transferring fabric on or off the machine.

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Are you ready to learn to make a French braid quilt?

I’m going to share two methods. The first method makes use of any ruler and the second method minimizes fabric waste with a particular ruler. Let’s get began!

Methodology 1: Use any ruler

Lower 2陆” x WOF strips of three or extra fabrics.

You can even use pre-cut fabric strips like 2陆” strips. Subcut the WOF strips into 7″ strips. It is best to get six strips of each color. (If you would like a wider block, you can reduce your strips to 10″, supplying you with four strips of each color.)

Lay out the strips as pictured, alternating them so no two strips of the identical fabric contact. You should use as many strips as you want, relying on the peak of your quilt. For this tutorial, I am simply demonstrating the method utilizing several strips.

Step three:

Starting at the underside of the block, flip the underside left fabric (my darkish one) over the tip of the bottom right fabric (my granny sq. fabric ). Pin in place and stitch the place the strips intersect. Press the seam downward toward the bottom of the block and flip the strips back to their original position.

Step 4:

Choose the strip that’s just above the seam you just sewed. In this case, it’s the stable pink strip. Flip the strip down over top of the strips you just joined. Pin the strip in place and stitch 录” from the sting. Press the seam down toward the bottom of the block.

Step 5:

Continue this fashion, working your way to the top of the block to hitch the entire strips.

Step 6:

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If you find yourself out of strips, it is time to trim! To trim the block, line up your ruler on the proper side and lower off all of the factors to form a straight edge. Flip your block and repeat on the other side. Square up the top and bottom of your block to form a rectangle.

Method 2: Use the binding tool

If you happen to favored the last French braid quilt tutorial, you are in for a treat. I’d prefer to now share a second technique, which uses the binding instrument ruler from TQM merchandise.

I learned about this method from Missouri Star Quilt Co., and i simply had to give it a strive! The good thing about utilizing this ruler is which you could maximize your fabric while getting a block that’s a bit wider.

Step 1:

Place one 2陆” x WOF strip in front of you. Line up the straight edge of the binding tool ruler with one brief end of the fabric strip and minimize on the angle. Now, rotate the ruler so the angle matches up with the angle of the fabric and reduce again (this time, along the straight edge).

You have to be ready to chop 5 of those pieces from one WOF strip.

Step 2:

Now, arrange your fabric items as pictured. It’s possible you’ll need to play around to search out a piece that’s the proper colour and pointing in the identical route, because the fabric strips are reduce at two totally different angles. Follow the French braid quilt tutorial above to hitch the strips. At the tip, you will only trim the highest and backside of your block.

Examples of French braid quilts

Our free Batik Braid mug rug makes use of thin strips of batik fabric and then turns the small quilt prime into a useful mug rug.

Photograph through Craftsy member Pure Joy Patterns

Some French braid quilts have small squares, or cornerstones, between the strips. On this variation, you may see that strips are immediately throughout from a strip in a matching coloration.

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Have you ever made a French braid quilt? What methodology would you choose?

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