How you can Make A Hair Piece For A Flower Girl With Baby’s Breath

I got this wig for Halloween but I think it looks better on my dog.Create a baby’s breath hair wreath for the particular flower woman in your marriage ceremony. The hair accessory is made from wrapped floral wire, lined with delicate trying sprigs of baby’s breath, and held along with a length of ribbon that coordinates along with your marriage ceremony’s color scheme. The elegant wreath is simple and inexpensive to make, which supplies you with the opportunity to present her with a keepsake gift as well.

Fly, Summer Jasmine, Bauer JasminThings You will Need
Medium-gauge floral wire
Baby’s breath, not less than 2 bunches
Green or white floral tape
Thin-gauge floral wire
1-inch extensive ribbon

Measure around the circumference of the flower woman’s head. Add 2 inches and reduce a bit of floral wire to this size.

Trim the child’s breath into particular person sprigs. You have to at least two bunches of baby’s breath for a reasonably full wreath.

Shape one finish of the wire right into a loop and twist the tip of the loop again around the wire twice to carry the loop in place.

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Wrap inexperienced or white floral wire down the entire length of the wire, leaving 1 inch empty at the other finish.

Cut a bit of thin-gauge floral wire. Make it at least twice the size of the first wire. You possibly can trim it down later if it is just too long.

Hold one sprig of baby’s breath on the looped end of the wire. The child’s breath ought to disguise the loop with the stem extending towards the opposite finish. Wrap the skinny-gauge wire around the stem and the medium-gauge wire to attach the child’s breath. Wrap two or 3 times.

Hold one other sprig of child’s breath to the wire, overlapping the first sprig with the stem extending towards the other finish. Wrap the skinny-gauge wire across the stem and wire. Repeat until your reach about four inches from the opposite end.

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