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Why I Won’t Cut My Son’s Hair

Since he was born, my son has had lots of hair, and i’ve never wanted to cut it. In truth, it’s tradition on his father’s side of the family to buzz a kid’s hair at an early age because they believe it will grow back thick and beautiful. I cried after we did this to Max at three months, but apparently it worked — he had long, beautiful hair again before the age of 1.

Keratin I Tip Peruvian Straight Virgin Hair Extensions

When did it become the rule that boys should have short hair human hair wigs and extensions There are many grown, masculine men who’ve long hair — David Beckham, WWE wrestlers, Jon Bon Jovi and other human hair wigs and extensions ultra-manly members of rock bands of the ’80s, to call just a few. Yet, while Maximo is far from having Axl Rose hair (he has just a little bang in front of his eyes), he is immediately labeled a girl by many who see him.

human hair wigs and extensions

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