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Apply & Remove Tape-in Remy Hair Extensions With Ease

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Apply width:300px;height:250px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-2176878270520405″ data-ad-host=”pub-6958755572607374″> TRESSMATCH 20”-21″ Clip in Remy(remi) Human Hair Extensions Thick to Ends Off Black (Color #1b) 9 Pieces(pcs) Full Head Set [set weight: 4.2oz(120gra Buy Now Rebe Hair | Source TRESSMATCH 20″ (22″) Remy (Remi) Human Hair Clip in Extensions Light/Ashy Brown (Color#8) 9 Pieces(pcs) Thick to Ends Full Head Set [4.5oz/125grams] … Buy Now TRESSMATCH 20″-22″ Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions Dark Brown (color #2) 9 Pieces Thick to Ends Full Head Set [4.4oz/125grams] … Buy Now Initially, locate the junction points of the extensions and your own hair. If you happen to tie up your hair with clips, you can see the tapes with ease.

Indian Nail Tip Human Virgin Colored Hair Extensions Keratin Fusion Hair ExtensionsAfter locating the tapes, sprinkle ample amount of sheen oil on them. Don’t be miser, but be generous while sprinkling it. Scanty amount of sheen oil will work poorly. Due to the sheen oil the tape can be loosened, so you’ve to use the oil in plenty to the extent of constructing the tapes saturated with it.

You too can apply hair grease to your natural hair in case you might be finding it very difficult to remove the extensions. When you apply hair grease, you better wind and shake the extensions in order to remove them. If while removing the extensions you are feeling that your individual hair are getting pulled, you need to carry on applying grease till the tapes are removed easily with none pull on your natural hair.

It may happen that even after this, not all of the tapes are removed and some of them stay back. Wash hair using cold water. Scrub the pinnacle fairly vigorously, but take care not to hurt the hair roots. Use shampoo amply till hair are absolutely clean. Never use hot water for the wash as it can melt the adhesive on the tape so as to make it still persistent. Quite the opposite, cold water solidifies the glue and thus finishes its adhesiveness.

Even while drying your hair after the wash, use cold setting, as hot blow will do the identical effect as that of hot water if there are still some flake of tapes remaining in the hair. After drying the hair, comb them thoroughly to remove the last bits and pieces of the tape if there are any.

You should have to recollect to be patient while removing your tape-in remy hair extensions and you’ll achieve mastery in it definitely.

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sendingAuthorMirjan Stojanovic 4 years ago from Belgrade

Olive oil is the most effective to use for removing the glue. Mix half quantity of olive oil and half quantity of water and apply for best and quick results. 🙂

Natasha 4 years ago
Does it matter what oil you use Do they all have the same effect

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hydrating hair mask

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