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What Do You have In Common With The Groundhog

I’m not certain there are official statistics for this, but based on my years of experience as a Charlotte wills and trust lawyer, a standard denominator among my clients that haven’t any estate plan in place when they come to meet me is that it has been too difficult to face their own mortality. They know it isn’t a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”, but not dealing with it seemed like a great method to handle their fears. Identical to spring; the groundhog knows that spring is coming, he just doesn’t know when until he pokes his little head out. Are you like the groundhog Are you the sort to peek-out, see your shadow, and return in to your safe warm place Or do you step out and face the day head on Interestingly enough, the tradition of the groundhog being afraid of seeing his shadow is a recent phenomenon. The tradition started as a medieval superstition that every one hibernating animals (not just the groundhog) came out of their caves and dens to check the weather in early February. If the animal could see their shadow, it meant winter could go on for an additional 6 weeks (which meant they could go back to sleep!) A cloudy day meant spring was just around the corner and they might venture out. As you’ll be able to see, shadow didn’t “scare” the animal back into the safety of their den. It was simply an alarm clock of sorts! So with that myth dispelled, I also want you to stop using the fear of your mortality as a reason for postponing doing your own will or trust or putting a plan in place (health care power of attorney and living will) to your medical care within the event you can not make these decisions for yourself. Simply think of estate planning as a way to ensure that your legacy will go to the people you want, in the way you want, whenever you want. It may even allow you to save your loved ones potential court costs, attorney’s fees and most importantly, will allow them to mourn your loss without the added burden of the distribution of your estate being uncertain. So, as we see all of the news and excitement surrounding Punxsutawney Phil this year, take a protracted look at yourself and see in case you are ready to verify your loved ones is taken care of no matter what. If your plans are lacking, I invite you to offer me a call to discuss your options. By simply mentioning this text, you can come in for a Peace of Mind Planning Session (normally $750) at no charge. However, this offer is limited to 5 per thirty days so call 704-843-1446 to reserve your space today.

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I am a Charlotte North Carolina Wills and Trusts attorney. I have been assisting clients with Wills, Trusts, Tax Planning, Probate, and all other areas of Estate Planning for over a decade. The Firm’s approach to Estate Planning is exclusive, in that we consider estate planning to be more than just about your “things”. It also needs to include your legacy…the values, beliefs and morals that make you who you are. Our Firm is here that will help you plan today for your family’s tomorrow.

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