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Regency Tea Party

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Last night the Churchill War Rooms put on a 40’s event as part of the ‘Museums at Night’ season, so I went along with a friend too see what it was like. I used to be very excited as I love 40s hairstyles, clothes and music, and there promised to be a band singing 40s songs and a spot where you can get a 40s makeover. However, the fact wasn’t so good. The event was completely sold out with over 400 people so you possibly can only get your hair or make up done, not both. And for some reason the band only sang for 10 minutes instead of the promised half an hour. But the hair and make-up people were very good at their job and the 40s music was good while it lasted, so it wasn’t all bad. The individuals who did the hair and make-up are this amazing group of women (they call themselves the Vintage Mafia) who dress in 40s clothes/hair/make-up day-after-day!! I am unable to consider another strategy to say what I think about it except that it is so 100% Curly Human Hair Weave 4 Bundles Virgin Curly Hair Bundles With Lace Closure cool!! 🙂 I wish I it hair products had the the guts to dress in period clothing more often then a few times a year at events. Oh and that i nearly forgot to mention the fabulous gift shop! It’s stuffed full of 40s style things – from dvd boxsets of Dad’s Army, to radios, teapots, model ships, really pretty cups and saucers (so tempted to buy one but managed to stop myself 🙂 ), and so far more. I bought a cd of The Andrew Sisters.

it hair products

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