Japanese Hair Straightening The Strategy to Straighter Hair

Hair Drama Gospel Stage playDuring the last 4 years a new type of hair straightening has crept into the USA. Known as Japanese hair straightening it also falls under different names together with; Thermal Reconditioning, Magic Straight, Bio Ionic Straightening, Yuko System (named after the Japanese stylist who is meant to have popularised the remedy), Liscio, and Rebonding. The Liscio course of is the original and the one you are most prone to see in salons. As the name suggests it originated in Japan and the method offers you completely straight hair versus the short-term straight hair offered by in-house straighteners like the wonderful Sedu flat iron. In actuality it lasts about 6 months when your hair will need re-touching because of the hair growth. This form of therapy is just not beneficial for: · more delicate African hair · hair that has been closely handled or broken · hair that is rapidly thinning and falling out The remedy could be very expensive, $300-$800 in top salons and relying on which course of you go for can take between four-6 hours to complete. This can be a far cry from using your personal hair straightener at residence for a fraction of the cost and solely taking a matter of minutes. Given the cost you should anticipate a free session on how nicely (or if) the therapy will work on your hair. Because the treatment is very costly it is best to do your homework. Listed below are a few tips: · Go to the web sites of salons near you for more details about which Japanese hair straightening remedy they use. · Go to the salon and converse with their straightening specialist about the process · Be certain the specialist has ample expertise in the method. Don’t neglect you’re paying heaps of money so that you don’t wish to end up with broken hair due to an inexperienced stylist. · Ask for some before and after footage of earlier prospects results. · If possible ask to speak with a previous buyer to get some detailed insight into how long it took and to seek out out if there are any things they didn’t like about the process. In case you do decide to go forward with the remedy then here is a abstract of the whole course of. · A protein conditioner is utilized to your hair. · A cream based thio relaxor is then applied. This will soften your hair and disassociate the sulfur bonds inside the hair shaft. · After a time period the stylist will do a check to see if the hair has damaged down to the appropriate diploma. · As soon as the proper quantity of Sulfur bonds have been disassociated the stylist will rinse your hair. · Your hair is dried into the style you normally put on it in. · The stylist will take small sections and apply a point of tension to get your hair as straight as doable. · As soon as the neutralizer has been on the hair for the correct period of time it is going to be rinsed from the hair. · After the hair is rinsed it is going to be dried once more and ironed into the type you wish to wear. · The neutralizing chemical solely begins to re-associate the sulfur bonds. The hair still must absorb extra oxygen and can do so naturally by the air. · The hair designer will instruct you to not shampoo, wet or style your hair for 24-72 hours, that is to permit it to completely neutralize into the present form. The results from the process are amazing, considering your hair is subjected to nearly 6 hours of chemical and heat remedy. You will in all probability be suggested to use special after care merchandise. It’s best to take the stylists recommendation however ensure and store spherical for the merchandise online, as they are often very expensive in salons. Nonetheless, all of the effort and time is price it, as your hair is not going to should be treated for not less than 6 months. So twice a year ought to be enough for curl free hair all yr. About the Writer
Andrea Simpson is a self confessed hair straightener fan. She runs her own web site, www.a1-hair-straighteners.com, devoted to Sedu Flat Irons and different hair straightening gadgets and processes.

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