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Fresh Lengths with this title and thought I’d do my own version.

Mermaid Hair, Ombre Hair Extensions, Dark Blonde Ombre Hair, Pastel ...1. Not moisturising and sealing at night
This has made a huge distinction in my hair well being
2. Using a lot heat.
In first time period of my first year of uni (2011) I used So much heat on my hair, around four/5 occasions every week and that i had so much breakage.
Three. Stress-free my hair
Sure I said it, stress-free my hair was a nightmare and i do remorse it. Although it was principally a nightmare because I had no concept the way to handle it. For my relaxer story look here.
Four. Utilizing none-little protein in my routine
My hair appears truly to adore protein and when I take advantage of it appropriately my hair thrives
5. Not drinking sufficient
I by no means drink enough water, but now that I do try to my pores and skin loks superb! Hopefully I will see an enchancment with my hair too.

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