Keratin Hair Therapy Components

How to Get Silky, Shiny and Straight Hair NaturallyThe more and more common keratin hair treatment, which produces glossy, vibrant and straight hair, originated in Brazil, where it known as escova progressiva, or “progressive blow-dry.” The keratin hair remedy is completely different from chemical straighteners of the past because it does not contain breaking down and restructuring the hair. The older chemical processes completely change the structure of the hair, however keratin works in another way because of its high pH levels, which will soften and not swell the hair and hair cuticle. The brand new York Instances explains the process is executed by applying the keratin components to the hair; then it’s sealed in using a 450-diploma flat iron.


Keratin is a sort of natural protein that makes up approximately 88 p.c of your hair. It is high within the amino acid cystine and is what makes hair “super robust and intensely elastic.They clarify that keratin is a biopolymer, which gives “kind and structure to naturally occurring substances,comparable to hair and nails, and that the liquid keratin components “blends with the hair in your head to help restore what has been misplaced over time.The new York Times explains that keratin works properly because it adheres to the hair and hair cuticle, allowing the hair to contain the moisture, which keeps it hydrated and healthy.

There may be an argument over whether the keratin treatments are protected, since formaldehyde, a recognized carcinogen, is used in the remedy course of. The Los Angeles Occasions says that it is definitely the formaldehyde that straightens the hair. In the Times’ report, Dr. Paul McAndrews, a Beverly Hills dermatologist and hair restoration expert, explains, “The keratin fills in the pure defects of the hair shaft, which makes the hair look smoother and silkier, however it doesn’t actually straighten the hair.The straightening takes place when the 450-diploma flat iron seals within the formaldehyde. If in case you have considerations, Dr. McAndrews recommends discussing them along with your hair stylist. In 2014, newer keratin formulations do not contain formaldehyde-related components to chemically straighten hair.

Cylomethicone is one other major ingredient within the keratin components. It is a transparent, odorless silicone that is usually used as a base solvent in hair, physique and beauty merchandise. In contrast to keratin, it doesn’t really have any healing properties and is taken into account extra as a service than a moisturizer. The website studies that it actually evaporates quickly once utilized to the skin or hair, however it is still beneficial in helping the skin or hair feeling “silky smoothwhen utilized, which is why it is a well-liked ingredient in the hair and skin industry.

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