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Simple Ways To Refresh You Hairstyle

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Hairstyle is one among your most important beauty makers. A stylish haircut can be monotonic after a very long time unchanged. Below are simple ways to refresh you hairstyle, even when it is short, shoulder length hair or long hair.

Style 1
Long hair always creates a lissome and tender beauty. However, if you do some changes, your hairstyle will look less monotonous. This style would take only 2 or 3 minutes.

Long hair – Before and after
Your hairstyle will look less monotonous after a few steps

Step 1: Knit the hair over one side. If your hair is short, use a hairpin to secure it. You should not knit too high, which makes you look childlike, or too low, which bring you an older look.

Knit the hair over one side
Step 2: Pull up a small handful of hair. Use a small and serrated comb to brush the front hair. You’ll be able to apply some hair gel to repair the hair style.

Use a small and serrated comb to brush the front hair
Style 2

Shoulder length hair – before and after
This hairstyle makes you more attractive

Step 1: Secure hair on the highest half by a small knot. Notice to side knit the hair. lace front wigs uk Use a small bunch of hair and twirl it several rounds to hide the knot. Secure the bunch end by a hairpin.

Twirl it one or two rounds clockwise
Step 3: Combine half of the top hair and half of the lower hair, and then secure them by a hairpin.

Secure hairbunch by a hairpin
Style 3

Short hair is always considered difficult to make a change. However, you continue to could have a lovely style with the short hair.

Short hair – Before and after
A lovely style with the short hair

Step 1: From the ear, rip the hair into two parts. Knit the hair in the back to avoid disordered hair.

Step 2: Use a hairpin to secure the short hair part. Knit the hair by a knot.
Knit the hair by a knot

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