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Jessica Jean Myers

360 Body Wave Lace Frontal Natural Hairline Best Virgin Human Hair Closure On SaleChristmas came early for me this year! After my excellent experience w/ Lush Cosmetics Halloween line I in fact jumped at the prospect to try and sample a few of their products from their current Holiday collection.

If you’re struggling w/ a gift for an friend, family member or someone in the office some of these little treats would make a superb addition. As I discussed before Lush Cosmetics are handmade and fresh w/ little to no preservatives or packaging. All products are vegetarian friendly and plenty of are vegan friendly. The only thing some people aren’t a fan of (and I discussed this before) is the fragrances. The products do tend to have loads of natural fragrance so if that’s not something you’re cool w/ you might wish to pass on this stuff.

Now on to the treats!
Sandy Santa – This can be a shower body exfoliant within the shape of Santa. Good for buffing away that dry Winter skin on your feet, legs and elbows. I would probably avoid the face w/ this one as I believe it can be a bit of too coarse or rough for that. This year they’ve also added coconut oils and shea butters to soften the skin while exfoliating. It is a great product but beware that Santa’s red cap does bleed once wet so might be a little messy and your shower might need a little bit of a rinse…I feel my boyfriend referred to this product as “bloody Santa” or “bleeding head Santa” lol.

Buche De Noel – Another exfoliant/cleanser but this one is for the face. It usesground almonds to gently exfoliate the face and almond oil and seawood to hydrate and nourish it. I like this product and i do find just a little goes a long way….which is great b/c my one complaint about some Lush products is that they get used up in a short time considering the value. I personally wouldn’t use this as my everyday face shower cleanser maybe more like 1 or 2 times a week. Because of the bottom almonds…regardless that they are ground finely I believe it may very well be a bit much for the skin to use it everyday…plus I sometimes worry concerning the the micro tears almond exfoliants can create on the skin b/c of the rough edges (even when finely ground). I do really benefit from the smell of this product though and i do not find it drying to the skin.

Snowcake – This bar soap has been a success w/ my boyfriend…a lot so I’d say I actually only used it a few times lol. He even said he’d consider buying other soaps from Lush as form of “special soaps” to sometimes use instead of his regular each day “man soaps”. I really liked the almond icing and marzapan fragrance and that i did overall find the soap very moisturizing…although I’ll be totally honest and admit I am more of a shower gel girl anyway 😉

Rose Jam – Speaking of shower gel this leads me to my next product and really probably my FAV out of the bunch. I LOVED the way in which this shower gel smelled! And I’ll be honest I’m not usually a giant “rose” fragrance fan but I really like this! Plus unlike a number of other shower gels the fragrance stayed w/ me after the shower. I remember one time in particular thinking what’s that lovely smell…then I realized it was me lol!

Bombardino – These are a kind of cute and fun stocking stuffer type gifts! It is definitely somewhat treat in your skin and a little bit of an indulgence b/c they aren’t really long lasting but that is what makes them perfect to give as gifts. I personally love gifts that I might never actually buy for myself but would still wish to try and this little bath bomb is perfect for that!

Santa’s Lip Scrub – This lip scrub feels and tastes so yummy on my lips. It’s very moisturizing and the sugar exfoliates while the coconut oil moisturizes. Sure you could make this scrub (minus the flavour and colour) at home but that is a nice little treat that’s easy to keep in your purse or again throw in a stocking or gift bag for a friend! It has a cherry cola fragrance and taste and it’s edible so that you just lick it off your lips after you exfoliate…it tastes so good I also lick it off my finger after I apply it too lol!

Santa Baby motions hair care – This is an ideal companion gift for the Santa’s Lip Scrub. Made w/ shea and cocoa butters to moisturize lips in the course of the cold, harsh Winter mths. This lip tint/moisturizer does give some intense colour pay off so if you are not searching for some rosy lips I’d try something slightly more neutral like the Eggnog Lip Balm. Another neat trick – you should use this lip tint to give your cheeks a pleasant rosy flush…I really like when products have duel purposes!

The Christmas Penguin – Last but definitely not least! How did Lush know my fav animal is the penguin 😉 This little guy is another bubble bath bomb and every penguin is exclusive as they’re each made from hand. I thought this one was just too cute!

motions hair care

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