Music Video: alifornia GurlsKaty Perry

Dirty blonde color, pretty close to my natural, going to be a big ...

MTV Just premiered this video, and its so cool/enjoyable! This track is a serioussss summer music of 2010, and the video reinforces that. It like Katy in Candyland. The video is humorous, visually pleasing, quirky, and hot! Undoubtedly feeling the cupcake bras the place can I get a type of? I think this video is superior and Katy Perry seems to be very good in a lavender wig, if I could pull it off, I be wearing one proper now. The one criticism I’ve ise get it! California is awesome, please write hundreds extra songs about it. Can the east coast get a tune now? The armpit of the nation has its days, particularly when Snooki is out of state.

Like I stated, the video Just premiered, so it hasn even hit YouTube yet. So here the video URL:


Oh and P.S. How superior is f We Ever Meet Againwith Timbaland? Very. It is extremely superior.

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