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To use To use Temporary Hair Extensions

To experience thicker, longer hair, temporary glued hair extensions are a simple way. They’ll last up to six weeks with proper care and maintenance and may be replaced easily. They help in changing your look as often as you need with the use of extensions that are applied by bonding glue. You will want the help of a hair stylist or ny wigs a friend for the applying of the extensions. Synthetic or an actual hair that is longer than your existing hair is required to use as extensions. You need bonding glue in black or white color which depends in your hair color. Scissors are required for cutting strips of extension hair. And a fine toothed comb with a pick on one end.

Brazilian Straight I Tip Human Hair Extensions

First it’s a must to get all of your hair high on your head. You can begin about 1 inch above the nape, and you can use the pick for making a straight, horizontal line in hair from one end to the other. You have to measure the quantity of hair need to shut the back of the scalp from one of the extension track. Then cut a chunk of the track slightly smaller than this length. It’s because you do not want the make the extension flicking up beyond your natural hair. Then make a line of glue along the weft of the piece of the extension hair. You possibly can wait 30 seconds before applying in order that glue won’t drip.

ny wigs


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