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Jessica Jean Myers

Clip On Hair Extensions Full Head 8pcs Malaysian Virgin Hair Human Hair Clip In Extensions Cabelo Humano Tic Tac Pince CheveuxJust a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing Makeup & Hair for a really special wedding. All of my weddings are special of course but this one was only a bit different. It was the marriage day of literally one of my oldest and closest friends Svetlana.

She is the first of my close friends to get married (although I expect the ball to start out rolling very soon w/ other weddings). She is also pretty much the one close friend that I’ve known since I was a teenager. We met in grade 9 after we were both 14 so yes we go WAY BACK! We were best friends and pretty much inseparable in grade 10 and had a falling out in grade 11 and like stupid young girls we were both too stubborn to make amends w/ the opposite and therefore didn’t see each other for years…which now I feel is so sad that we lost that many years…seriously ppl stubbornness is such a waste when in oil from hair involves friendships and you’ll regret it years later.

We got back into contact probably around 6-7 years ago when Svetlana moved up to Toronto for work and it’s amazing how quickly we were able to choose up where we left off all those years ago. As someone who has moved around Loads in her life and had numerous ppl come and go it is very nice to have someone around that knew you “back then”. That you can reminisce about your crazy high school crushes and antics with and still remembers you during a simpler time before life got so “complicated” lol.

So this wedding was a bit bittersweet to me…in fact I was happy for my friend who was marrying the man she loved (and boy does their “courtship” have it’s own story lol) but I was sad b/c it also meant I was “losing” a friend again. Svetlana has moved back to our hometown Windsor, ON b/c that is where her now husband lives (they were doing a long distance thing) and housing and living costs are just much more affordable…plus loads of other reasons. So after all her and I will remain friends but it is just a little sad b/c I am unable to just call her to go for our Sunday walks to get a coffee and just discuss things and we won’t meet up for dinner on a Tues b/c we both don’t have plans…and stuff like that.

But anyway, on to the happy stuff the marriage! It was a stupendous but HOT day and Svetlana and Jeff wanted something simple but still reflected them as a couple and I believe they did an awesome job at that. They did this whole “movie” theme and that i need to admit I haven’t seen a groom so influential in the choice making strategy of the marriage…if he is half as attentive as a husband Svetlana shall be set lol! They’d a bit of red carpet and backdrop like on the movie premieres for taking pictures in front of, the dinner menu was printed on a film strip, popcorn machine to gather the cards, their engagement picture was blown up on to a movie poster…just a number of really unique details that showed the couple’s (or more Jeff’s actually) personality lol! Another detail I absolutely LOVED was the truth that the day before the marriage Jeff went to his Nonna’s house and made Italian Butter Cakes. One for each table (8 in total) and so they were cut and served to us for dessert instead of the everyday wedding cake. I believed this was a really lovely idea and was just another really thoughtful detail.

Svetlana wanted to maintain her hair quite simple w/ just soft curls and a few delicate pieces pinned out of her face. I also incorporated the hair extensions I had made her for her b-day the previous year just for fullness and volume. For makeup we went w/ a extremely pretty smokey purple eye and a soft pink lip and cheek. I also did her MOH Maya and her mom’s Hair & Makeup. Overall it was a very relaxed morning and just a fun day!

Here is some pics of the gorgeous day and the gorgeous bride! I was really impressed w/ the photographer Toan Lam for not only doing an amazing job on the wedding pictures but for taking amazing engagement photos too! Seriously, if you are getting married in Windsor, ON it’s best to check this guy out!

Performing some Final Touches on the Bride
Svetlana & Her Mom…They appear So Good!

What a great Looking Couple!
This is just a few photos I took at the wedding

Me Before the Ceremony…If I do say so myself…I’m Looking Good 😉
On the “Red Carpet” w/ Svetlana & Jen (work friend & fellow Windsorite). Love standing next to these two b/c they always make me feel so tall lol!

oil from hair

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